White Powder of Gold, Monatomic Gold since 1990

David Hudson who holds the patent for white powder gold uses the term monoatomic gold and white powder gold rather than the traditional monatomic gold in his patents and lectures, we continue that use here. 

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White powder gold (monoatomic gold), rediscovered by David Hudson and popularized by Laurence Gardner, has been used for ages on this planet to greatly accelerate the ascension process. Lemuria, Egypt, and other sacred civilizations and spiritual sects have utilized this little-known spiritual biochemistry. 

White powder gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and monoatomic iridium are unique in form and function. David Hudson theorized that the elongated nuclei (2:1 height/width ratio)* of monoatomic elements allowing for a high spin state, along with  "paired" electrons, makes them biosuperconductors. White powder gold together with white powder rhodium/iridium facilitate a flow of energy thru the body with little or no resistance: and that light continues to flow, even without additional external potential. 

As you move from 3rd-4th to 5th dimensional beings of light the innate resistances (some call karma) to the higher dimensional frequencies can cause discomfort, imbalance, and even disease. These resistances are reflected on many levels: as physical tension and organic disturbances, as convoluted core beliefs and emotional imbalance, as samskaras or seed blocks in the chakras, as aberrant DNA. White powder gold together with  white powder  rhodium and iridium can supersede these resistances by allowing a continual flow of light that ultimately washes away and heals, all the way down to the sub-atomic level. 

The elements that comprise all matter at and above the atomic level are composed of atoms with electrons that are effectively free of each other; the total energy of the electron system is the sum of the energies of the individual electrons, the charge. In white powder gold, indeed in all monatomic elements,  electrons can bond together by their mutual interaction. These  electrons are spinning at very high speeds with equal and opposite momentum.  Monoatomic gold creates a light vortex that is spinning, or spiraling at tremendous speed with zero momentum, a null particle/wave. (A particle is a wave that is brought into form by attention and observation)

The vortex created is  no longer truly a particle or wave in space/time. These "null waves" exist in a state beyond your blockages, yet they intersect physical reality  carrying more and more Light thru your bodies.  White powder gold allows for the  path of growth thru struggle to fall away, opening you to a more joyous process.© 1990

White Powder Gold: The Egyptians

White powder gold exists naturally in your body and is contained in small amounts in the herbs and foods that enhance the immune system and regeneration. The Egyptians, and others, created them in pure form.They understood an important alchemical quality regarding the use of these sacred monoatomic elements to accelerate the ascension process. Egyptian initiates often fasted prior to and during the consumption of white powder gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and iridium. This was not only for purification. They believed that the digestive acids in the stomach neutralize some of the alchemical properties of the monoatomic elements. (They form monoatomic chlorides in reaction with hydrochloric acid. Monoatomic rhodium, for example, becomes monoatomic rhodium chloride. Its chemical structure is different than monoatomic rhodium or standard rhodium chloride, and the physical properties of this rhodide are similar to an iodide, not a metal. The effect of monoatomic chlorides is positive but different. Theoretically monoatomic elements should not react with hydrochloric acid, but nobody told the molecules.

In the process of making m-state elements, such as white powder  gold, David Hudson theorized that the mass change from 'standard' gold with metal to metal bonds to monoatomic gold was due to the electron spin clouds unpacking, like a flower blooming. Although David Hudson correctly did  not speak of  monoatomics as 'homeopathic' (they are not) this unpacking, or blooming, is essentially the sense of succination or potentization originally referred to by Hannemann in the Organon of Medicine. David Hudson's insight led to the formulation of these Alchemical Homeopathy formulas that offer the deeper transformational qualities of monoatomic elements as used in initiatory process. (Other forms are available here as well.) 

Not traditional homeopathy however, indeed homeopathic formulas made from monoatomic elements can remove those elements from your body instead of assisting. Homeopathy is quite effective at removing excessive lead for example and other  heavy metals, the same can happen with m-state homeopathic formulas [ for a discussion of Alchemical Homeopathy see TECHNICAL INFORMATION ] These 'Alchemical homeopathy'  formulations of monoatomic gold offers two important advantages: 

  1. By taking directly under the tongue the destructive stomach acids are avoided.

  2. By charging the monoatomic gold in ascending octaves the wave signature can be "targeted" or programmed to infuse the subtle bodies in an initiatory process. Resistance is reflected in all your bodies, from the DNA to your subtle vehicles. Clearing is done in an orderly process, a level at a time. The faster the wave signature the further it will infuse the subtle bodies. 

    'Alchemical homeopathy' adds to the tradition of classical homeopathy thru the use of either in-phase or out-of-phase wave patterns to appropriately formulate the correct potency; and the shifting from sine waves to standing columnar waves as the clearing is affected in the subtle bodies. Traditional homeopathic potencies may only act to 'antidote' the monoatomic gold found naturally in your body. Homeopathic formulations may actually begin to remove your naturally occurring monoatomic gold; depending on how they are formulated. 
    © 1990 White powder gold

Ascension Alchemy offers three initial octaves of Metalight in 2 oz. amber glass; Octave 2  is not effective without the foundation of Octave 1, etc.; it’s an initiatory clearing process. 'Alchemical homeopathy' does not do something to you,  but  rather awakens something in you.
Contents:Alchemical homeopathy™ preparation of monoatomic gold in molecularly structured water, organic alcohol under 3% v/v.


Forms of White Powder Gold

Our Alchemical homeopathy™ 1990: was the first commercial  white powder gold however these liquid formulations are far weaker/less effective  than the pure white gold powder which is ORMEs powder from 100% gold  containing only pure monatomic elements formulated per David Hudson's patent.  We also work with platinum, rhodium, iridium etc. This pure high-spin white powder cannot be ordered over the net--you will need to contact us directly 
 For the most direct approach to the deeper spiritual metamorphosis addressed here we suggest the pure ORMEs powder, as did the Egyptians and others throughout history; we make this to order hence the need for you to call.  We have a number of different forms of m-state available on this site; from seawater, plant based, special blend etc. The pure white powder of gold, rhodium, etc. is by far the more effective for most folks.
* The David Hudson patent  refers to orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements  theorizing the elongated nucleus is caused when  the electrons in the outer shells re-arrange from 5d^10 6s^1 to 5d^9 6s^2 leaving a hole in the 5d orbital. The nucleons move into higher energy shells, and the nucleus becomes elongated and begins to spin. A case can be made for the cooper pairing to form diatoms, hence some researchers are using diatomic as a description rather than monoatomic (or monatomic). 

The following pertains to the Ormes powder made in the new laboratory since 1/1/06 which is of an entirerly different quality than the previous

White Powder (Monatomic) Gold 

ORMEs Gold Powder

White powder gold is the true ORMEs (David Hudson’s nomenclature for orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements) powder derived from pure gold  produced from the David Hudson patent. There are 11 transitional elements besides gold covered, we work with all of them. This is not a mineral/volcanic powder or a liquid colloid or microcluster. Nor a suspension of whitepowder in water; it is pure white powder gold.  It is a very very light [exhibiting seemingly antigravitational properties at certain points in the  formulating process], snow-flake like white powder.  Sir Laurence Gardner, whose books have sparked such interest, brought white powder gold in pure powder form for testing to the Department of Materials Characterization, Oxford.  He suggested that the white powder liquid suspensions commonly sold on the internet are of limited value due to the lack of true high-spin m-state elements and that the pure powder form that David Hudson referred to as ORMEs, made by his patent process is the more effective and powerful.

This pure powder [new lab as of 1/1/06] is not sold from this site directly, it is not on the order form with the liquid formulas since we make it to order combining the transitional elements in the correct ratio for your specific needs. This will vary depending on your primary intent for taking as well as numerous other factors of life style, general health, even the type of work you do. White powder gold has a very different effect than white powder platinum or white powder rhodium; and a 50/50 ratio of gold/platinum will obviously have a different effect then a 70/30 ratio. The elements in your formulation and the ratios of the elements change as you change. A combination helpful today can be harmful tomorrow. White Powder Silver (alchemically ruled by the moon) for example comes out of the monatomic state of white powder into metallic silver, it is by far the least stable of the transitional elements; so you end up with metallic silver in your body. Copper may act likewise, ending as metallic copper depending on the nutritional balance of copper in your body. So worth getting a hair analysis prior to taking copper; we would avoid silver. We use neither for those reasons.White Powder Platinum can cause nervousness/anxiety and may debilitate the nervous system depending on when and by whom it is taken. So more is not necessarily better, as those of you schooled in alchemy are well aware.The other transitional elements are much more stable in monatomic, or white powder form but each of the 11 (12 if you include mercury- although not included in our powder formulations) elements have unique properties and the combinations have different effects. We have been at this since the 1980's and continuously discover subtleties regarding the ratio of these elements in combination.

White powder gold, platinum, or any of the transitional elements, go through  various changes as the metal to metal bonds are broken and through cycles of heating and cooling; the final powder indicating the complete absence of metal to metal bonds.  The process goes through various liquid states to the final white powder. Along the way, at certain points, you have a white liquid suspension of gold, platinum etc.  in the hydroxide or chloride state. 

Completing the steps to the pure powder  is time consuming and difficult, it is an alchemical process. Making the simpler white-liquid suspensions can certainly have positive effects; indeed we sell liquid suspensions of monatomic gold and other transitional elements. Making the white-liquid gold, platinum etc. is both easier and in some ways more efficient; the trade off is the white-liquids  are much weaker then the high-spin powder. A whitegold liquid suspension is a step on the way to producing the pure powder, a precursor; the fruit of the complete process is the pure powder, white powder  gold. When magnified this pure powder has no trace of gold or tan color, it is pure luminous white, in the vial and under magnification - literally as white as freshly fallen snow.

White liquid gold is a different form with a different function. Completing the patent process takes it beyond the liquid state. White powder gold, platinum etc. should not be  re-suspended in water once the process is completed to the pure powder form;  it loses potency if left in water.  As with any such process it takes a great deal of  the liquid to make the pure concentrated powder. A quart of milk for example makes only a small container of powdered milk. In that case the milk is a natural product; in this case the pure powder would be the more natural for it is the completion of the alchemical process that has white liquid suspensions as steps along the way to the high-spin powder. There are other liquid forms of monatomic  suspensions, but the pure white powder should be kept as a powder until the moment it is consumed.

Having a positive attitude does not preclude discrimination in the field; there are very real differences that should be clarified. White powdery material suspended in water masking the amount as well as the qualities of the powder, which are unique, are not what we would call white powder gold.  A white liquid suspension is not high-spin white powder gold processed to completion. It may well contain m-state elements processed from one of the wet methods, but these methods are not used to produce the pure high-spin powder of gold, platinum, etc.. The suspensions (the white material eventually settles leaving a small layer of water above)  have a fraction of the true ORMEs, what David and Sir Laurence refer to as 'high-spin orbitally rearranged monatomic elements' contained in the pure powder.  By learning a bit about the process you can save yourself time and money.   If you decide to obtain pure white powder gold be sure to demand it in its pure powder state not some unknown white powdery substance suspended in water. The pure high-spin powder is an entirerly  different "animal". Different form and different, much deeper, function. 

There are forms of monatomic elements that are indeed formulated as liquid  m-state suspensions.They are formulated using a "wet" method and the m-state produced is suspended in water, the final substance being a white suspension. This method is definitely easier  than David Hudson's patent method however  the liquid suspensions are much weaker containing relatively small amounts of the transformational high-spin ORMEs. Those making  wet suspensions, including ourselves, should  help educate folks about the different forms. The weaker white liquid suspensions should be less expensive and clearly identified; they can certainly have health benefits but it definitely is not the pure powder the ancients used in their spiritual initiations leading to the rainbow body. 

Monatomic elements are not "manufactured" like vitamins. The process, particularly for the powder and products derived from the pure white gold powder  is alchemical. That means the state of consciousness of the one formulating is as important as any other factor. Since the popularity brought by  Laurence Gardner's book, websites have sprung up selling products and linking to other sites that do represent mature spiritual teachings regarding the background of  ORMEs such as the library of Halexandria, but it is the consciousness of those offering the material that is paramount and that you need to identify. 

This is  particularly true of white powder gold. As in quantum physics, the observer is the observed; the consciousness of the alchemist in the moments the white powder gold is being formulated then, in a very real way, becomes part of the formulation. ORMEs powder is not something you buy like vitamin C off the shelf or off the internet. Alchemy is a way, a path to the Divine; an alchemist on this level needs to be....a true Alchemist. At the very least able to transcend personal limitations, what has been called karma here, during the alchemical process. An alchemist needs to be Free in order to formulate that which can uplift, that which can assist in freeing you.  The consciousness of the alchemist and those assisting in the formulating is an important consideration in High Alchemy. And the consciousness of the moment as well, the cycles within cycles, circles within circles, occurring during the time your formula is being made. We'll talk about that more on the Rainbow Body webpage. As we discuss the very real technical aspects of making ORMEs,  please keep this paragraph in mind.

O.K. back to the very real technical aspects: Pure white powder gold has absolutely no metal to metal bonds: see the patent.  It is not in any sense a gold supplement; the correct process removes any trace of gold in metallic form.   If the process is incomplete in a liquid state it may well contain some monatomic elements however there may also be some metal to metal bonds remaining  which can damage the liver and  kidneys over time.  Liquid suspensions made from gold may contain  gold hydroxide. This is not due to impurity in the gold- beginning with pure gold the steps, on the way to the powder, convert the metallic gold to a liquid hydroxide. This hydroxide converts to a gold chloride in the stomach as it reacts with hydrochloric acid. You can check the effects of gold chloride here:  http://www.ci.tucson.az.us/arthazards/photo2.html (#36).  If you see something that is ostensibly white powder gold at 100 magnification and it is gold or tan etc. what the heck are you putting in your body?  As mentioned here and by David Hudson nobody who knows how to make the true powder would put it back into liquid, a little education and common sense suffices for negotiating what we are sorry has become anything but the purity that alchemy represents at its best. A similar situation exists with liquid platinum containing platinum hydroxide; and we have mentioned to be careful regarding silver and copper.  So please educate yourself and get to know your neighborhood alchemist. The patent is for "non metallic monoatomic (monatomic) forms of transition elements": the pure powder available  here contains no metal to metal bonds, the patent derives a pure luminous white powder that is pharmaceutical grade, NF material with the appearance of freshly fallen snow; the patent derives the purest form of m-state we are aware of.

The m-state form of gold and other precious elements will not form metal-metal bonds with their own kind because their valence electrons are not available to form normal molecular bonds since each electron is paired up with another electron in a Cooper paired state. Briefly: one electron will attract local ions to it increasing the local density of positive ions and this increased positive charge can attract another electron to it. If this electron has the opposite spin to the initial electron the two can form a pair, a Cooper Pair and  begins to behave more like light than particles with some rather 'unusual' attributes.

As you produce monatomic elements, during the  final cycles of heating and cooling  it becomes a snow-white powder and loses a good portion of its weight.  This only happens in the final steps leading to the white powder form. This makes little sense unless you begin to postulate an interdimensional chemistry when producing the pure powder, or alchemy. Using this method, patented by David, you end up with a pure white powder with  substantially less weight in relation to its mass. Where did it go? We won't answer that. The completed powder made from pure gold and other transitional elements has unique qualities.

White Powder Gold: Interview

The following is from an interview with David's primary test subject regarding properly charged ORMEs, this charging takes place during repeated cycles of heating and cooling in the powder state.
b: You've said that there are different forms of monatomic gold? Do you mean different spin states?
u: It's not a matter of a higher spin state. It's a matter of once it is in the high-spin state, it being properly charged. That involves very subtle operations. Very subtle. We're talking beauty again, that's how subtle.
b: Beauty in the true sense of the word.
u: There is a difference in these materials. They are all individual, unique materials. They have their own qualities. That's why they have different names. To lump them all together under one heading as monatomic gold is just not accurate. These are different materials.
b: You are making a distinction between isolated monatomics and more highly charged monatomics?
u: Yes, yes I am. This aspect has not been addressed as far as I know.
b: But there's as much difference as night and day...ingesting this over the other.
u: That's an understatement.
b: Are you aware of other materials which carry the same attributes and implications?
u: No, this is it...the real thing...the only thing.
b: This meaning higher-charged monatomics?
u: You have to understand: the isolated liquid materials are the precursors.  But it's the battery [the completed high-spin powder] that you have to charge. It has to be charged to be able to turn over the governors that are present in our genetic code. Those were programmed in. 

Reasons for Not Taking m-state White Gold in Powder Form

Given the last statement " It has to be charged to be able to turn over the governors that are present in our genetic code. Those were programmed in." One would think this would be the best approach for everyone. It is not. Here are excerpts from a story from Barry's website: Please note this experience was from material made by the gentleman himself. "I have a friend who made the "charged" white powder of gold using Hudson's process...[he] was almost totally incapacitated he was unable to live normally because he would manifest everything...He said that his mind would call up anything that he thought of. He had to learn to keep from thinking of what he did not want in order to avoid manifesting it....The condition persisted for about 6 months."

What happened? An intensification of what is always occurring in our lives:  " ...he was unable to live normally because he would manifest everything...If he thought of having an accident while driving a car would show up out of the blue and almost hit him." After the experience subsided he had the realization: "that our beliefs are the foundations of physical reality". A valuable realization but we don't recommend coming to it in this manner. We do manifest from our thoughts and beliefs [our choices and decisions are equally important; you could think about (give attention to through fear of happening) an accident even under this intense example but if there was a fundamental choice to be safe a car would not "show up out of the blue". ] The charged gold greatly increased the intensity of what is already happening and therefore decreased the duration- the time it takes for a thought/emotion to manifest. Intensity multipled by Duration = strength of manifestation. I X D= SM. Increasing the intensity decreases the time, the duration, it takes for a thought/emotion to manifest.

We never suggest taking 100% white powder gold. We discussed a bit about  the importance of balance between the transitional elements; and that is one of the reasons we need to talk prior to making available; the balance is different for different people. One size does not fit all. Charging is a relative term, monatomic elements, whether gold or other transitional elements, can be made without charging (some of our customers request that), charging very little, or strongly charging. We work with a series of octaves, within the 3 octaves that we discuss on this site there are six degrees of charging. Even done with gold alone, and we do not suggest taking gold alone, none of the 3 octaves would have the effect noted by the scientist's experience above. We've been making the powder available since 1990, at first to our own spiritual family and expanding availability over time to thousands at this point. Nobody has ever had an experience like this gentleman, however it illustrates valuable points. ORMEs powder needs to be formulated and charged properly and in a balanced manner. 

Some of the newbie sites make silly claims "Within 2 minutes both subjects had their left and right hemispheres go into synchronization and they dropped into the alpha state of brain wave activity.  Then the frontal lobes went into sync with the rear quadrants, which made all four quadrants of the brain synchronized. When this happened, they both went into the theta level of brain wave activity, and the 25 year old, having never meditated a day in his life, was making dips into the delta range, which is a range of brain activity deeper than sleep - deep meditation." [ZPtec] Please, you know better than that, this material works deeply to clear away deep blocks but it is not a magic pill that instantly take one into the deepest state of meditation in two minutes with no effort on your part. Independent tests on the same product as well as other available products showed no such results. Many of you have bio-feedback devices and have verified this for yourself. It does help to connect the halves of the brain and with your conscious effort it can assist you to go into deeper states, but as most of you are well aware it is not the instant hit claimed by some of the newage marketers and we do not make any of our formulas, and particularly the Ormes, available with any silly instant enlightenment claims. Although this marketing ploy is obvious others may be less so; with popularity comes profit potential and this is an unregulated area. What does it really mean "perfects your DNA", we'll address that in a bit but in general use discrimination and common sense as you explore this field.

Here are some other reasons suggested not to take gold and some of the other elements in the fully charged and annealed form, they are valid to a point and worth mentioning for your understanding:

>>David Hudson probably did not do any testing of the white powder of gold on live subjects.  These elements were extracted ...and concentrated to the white powder form at first, till he realized that the white powder of gold and iridium would not dissolve in stomach acid. It is generally believed that gold is less effective for healing than rhodium and iridium.<<  Barry and others  mention  that gold and iridium do not dissolve in HCL, and that David mentions this in a number of lectures. We would agree, what is not mentioned is that if gold or iridium is taken through all the liquid states into the powder and then properly annealed it never even "sees" the stomach. David, although mentioning the final annealing process did not go into detail in the patent. The high spin powder, formulated through the liquid phases into the powder and then"transformed" through the final steps under extremely high heat and pressure is incredibly light and fine, it is taken under the tongue and absorbed easily sublingually, the issues of digestive acids are relevant to white powder gold or iridium prior to the final steps- this "white powder gold" is the material that is normally available to a certain degree. The issue of digestion and absorption is not relevant in relation to what we would call high-spin ormes, it is not absorbed or digested in the stomach. We agree rhodium is more effective for healing the physical body than gold; iridium also-however iridium increases metabolism more than the other elements and can cause undesired growth of aberrant cells. We therefore suggest never taking m-state iridium alone, and for some health concerns-where cell growth is the last thing desired, we would suggest eliminating it entirely.

Osmium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium and  Platinum are all dissolvable with hydrochloric acid and are primarily digestible and absorbable in the natural digestive process. White powder gold and iridium are insoluble in hydrochloric acid and therefore, would not be absorbable during the natural digestive process.  So in relation to naturally occuring m-state, various liquids and even what most may consider white powder gold this is certainly relevant; if one is able to obtain the ormes taken through the final steps we consider essential, issues of hydrochloric acid and absorption in the stomach or intestines is not at all relevant as this light, fine powder is absorbed sublingually and indeed passes through the blood-brain barrier.

Don, a fellow producer who does excellent work, a very sincere honest person who we often recommend when our formulas are not appropriate for someone suggests: >> M-state elements when wet will readily dissolve in either a weak HCL solution or the high pH of any base (alkaline). These have the opportunity then to be assimilated in the stomach via the weak stomach acids and then later in the lower gut where the pH is alkaline. However, if these elements are dried out, they will no longer dissolve in either acid nor alkali. 
Not to mention the fact that some  elements are prone to become metallic... especially M-silver and M-cobalt<<

We would agree that some of the elements,  prior to annealing into the high spin ormes state, are prone to become metallic; there is metallic content during phases as the gold solution is taken step by step into the completed ormes powder. Silver is indeed one of these, copper  (dependent on your individual bio-chemistry) canbe another. Cobalt has that tendency however this can be eliminated by the addition of  chromium during the formulating process. Again the other points regarding HCL and high pH are not relevant if the powder is then additionally formulated to the final hgh spin ormes state. Semantics aside (questions of "high-spin" etc.) the powder we are referring to here is not absorbed in the stomach or intestines- other formulas on this site certainly are- but the white powder gold we make available is not.

Different Strokes

A construction worker taking ORMEs for health concerns would not receive the same formula as an office worker interested in personal growth or as a monk living on a mountain top. There is no standard "charged" white powder gold.  It is a totally relative term; gold can be charged to the point of causing discomfort, as with the scientists experience quoted above, as well as others. Or,  properly charged m-state taken in a series of octaves in the proper ratio of transitional elements can be gently transformational. The difference being the degree of charging, the type of transitional elements- gold, rhodium, platinum etc.- included, and the internal ratio of these chosen elements  (in this case chosen after we talk) included in the powder; and of course the consciousness of the one taking the completed ORMEs. 

We do  make the powder available without "charging"; people are sometimes scared by such stories. We do think the charging is important however and the least understood aspect of the alchemical process; it's not in the patent. As he says "But there's as much difference as night and day...ingesting this over the other." People now use the term "charging" in different ways, confusing its meaning and intent. It's very real exoteric physical alchemy with definitive criteria of the type of  chamber/oven, type of atmosphere/gas, rate of temperature change and even the number of charging cycles after the powder state is reached; this is done after the powder is formed from the liquid suspension.  Once the alchemical foundation is properly laid we greatly enjoy working with more subtle energy techniques. We mention scalar waves in the technology section. There are numerous ways to create scalar waves, many of you are familiar with Tesla's work but perhaps more interesting is the use of natural scalar waves that can be created with crystal grids, crystals in geometric patterns. The angles between the crystals important for those doing their own research. More importantly is the honoring of the crystals as conscious evolving life-forms; this goes well beyond technology into co-creation.

A little more technical is the use of the noble gases "constrained" in plasma tubes.  Connecting to a frequency generator, the plasma tubes create scalar waves that can be very specifically targeted with the generator [ProGen makes excellent frequency generators for this purpose]  Each of the noble gases; Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon has their own quality, we would say their own gifts. Using  specific frequencies to create the scalar waves with different noble gases one can then target the powder to act on certain levels; not just of the physical body but of the subtle bodies as well. 

It's interesting to note that California biologist Dr. Deamer has measured the actual molecular vibrations of DNA using an infrared spectrophotometer. By exposing each section of DNA to infrared internal linklight and measuring the wavelength of the light absorbed, it was possible to determine distinctive frequencies for each DNA molecule.  Russian scientists have gone well beyond this. Biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues explored the vibrational behavior of  DNA and found that living DNA substance [in living tissue, not in vitro] will react to laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used. We would add the "proper" radio waves as well, created by DC, direct current, at the proper frequencies. Not a theory or unproven claim; Dr. Garajev proved this experimentally. This explains the success of Rife and similar devices when properly constructed (Rife used noble gas plasma tubes). While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians and others are experimenting with ways that can directly influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies in order to effect DNA..

So now saying:-- 'Using a frequency generator to create scalar waves with different noble gas plasma tubes (imagine an elongated light bulb filled with helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon in pure and mixed states) one can target the powder to act on certain levels'-- doesn't quite sound like the new-age space theory it did two paragraphs ago. Your DNA is a great deal more "fluid" then you have been taught, the first step to bringing that possibility into your life is releasing the strictly biochemical model and replacing it with biophysics.  Now you know how we spend our Saturday nights; this is great fun as well as being of great value. None of the technology is as important as the consciousness of those making this available, from the alchemist to the shipper/handler and "beyond", but with that foundation- great fun :).

Beyond the biophysics model we would suggest DNA is also a reflection of a more primary pattern that is carried from lifetime to lifetime and precipitates "down" creating the make-up, the pattern, of your etheric body, of your chakras, of your emotional body- the emotional patterns you exhibit time and again, your mental body, and your DNA. Obviously, that certainly is an unproven claim, just our thoughts.  The true value of the powder form is not the effects on the immune system or even longevity or regeneration; nor what direct effects it may have on DNA.
[side bar: In early talks David suggested, and others continue to suggest that white powder gold "perfects" the DNA; that implies this material could directly effect genetic defects. We have not seen any double blind studies verifying any DNA "perfection" and suggest all claims need to be based on verifiable research rather than speculation, ancient or modern, that suggest white powder gold is a"magic pill".The magic isn't in any pill or alchemical formula; you all know where it is.]
Rather the value is the potential for removing the subtle but deep blocks existing in your unique pattern that repeats again and again over lifetimes in linear time, and changes /clears as you learn your 'life lessons', as you grow spiritually. It is this deeper pattern underlying the etheric, emotional, mental and physical  that if changed brings....what? Greater health, yes. Longevity, certainly. But more, the possibility for freedom opening to a physical/spiritual metamorphosis leading to the rainbow body, the ascension process. Not a myth, members of humanity have demonstrated this possibility throughout the ages. Obviously you do not need white powder gold to initiate this; but if properly formulated and balanced these transitional elements in powder form can accelerate the process and bring an ease and joy to what has all to often been  difficult and painful. 

We will be glad to make white powder gold, platinum and other monatomic elements in the pure powder form available to you for personal responsible research. However you  will not find these on our order form. You’ll have to call. We do sell the  liquid suspensions and herbal/mineral powder as those can be sold over the net responsibly since there are smaller amounts of actual ORMEs contained therein. We make the powder for your situation. 

Formulating White Powder Gold

The high-spin powder is made to order; the transitional elements in your personal formulation and the ratio of those transitional elements (one is rarely good to take alone) will vary from person to person as in any true alchemical formula. It is wonderfully magical and light but can absolutely be sold in the high-spin powder form. Indeed if added to water it loses potency. 

If one had just gone to a great deal of trouble to create a small amount of the pure concentrated powder from a large amount of the white liquid suspension they would not re-suspend it in liquid. Definitely unusual and a bit unruly but certainly it can and should be made available as the pure powder.  If you look into how white powder gold was used in the spiritual initiations by the Egyptians and other cultures it was always taken in the pure concentrated powder state. Laurence Gardner, whose book "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" brought many of you here suggests taking white powder gold in the pure powder state rather than a liquid suspension of some type. Here is the process:
Metallic gold -> microcluster (nanocolloids) gold chloride -> diatomic gold chloride -> sodium-gold chloride -> sodium-gold nitrate ->sodium auride -hydrogen auride ->powder of gold ORMEs. Different forms have different functions and we, as well as other good folks in the community, offer different forms. However the high spin powder properly charged should not be confused with a liquid suspension or mineral powder. And so....we need to ascertain the best way for you as an individual to proceed. 

We do not suggest taking the pure white powder gold or platinum by themselves. We always suggest taking these with  other ORMEs  which are also available in pure powder form. There are 10 transitional elements that can be made into true ORMEs [see the periodic table in the FAQ section below]; we make a combination for your individual journey after we talk. The gold/platinum alone can cause imbalance even if not charged. The individually formulated mixture is a much more effective and balanced approach.  We do not treat you like children or restrict based on fear, some who travel with us do take Gold/Platinum without the other transitional elements; we simply offer our opinion. The effect varies depending on the ratio, so again we need to talk to clarify your intent, etc. A rh/ir mixture will have quite different effects than an  au/rh/ir mixture for example, and the later will have different effects depending on the internal ratio of the m-state elements. Fine tuning, but an important point that needs to be addressed. Alchemy is not "one size fits all", it is highly individual and personal; indeed it is an initiatory process. Yesterdays formula can become todays limitation as you grow and change. Very few of our folks are off in a mountain retreat; most are taking the powder in the midst of a busy full life. We suggest you proceed in a balanced safe steady manner; a step at a time.

It is wise to take a multi-vitamin like ormus formula as a foundation, in other words a formula containing all the m-state elements. We send either a sea based combination (combination of atlantic, pacific, great salt lake and dead sea) which contains a broad spectrum of m-state elements or a plant based formula containing all the transitional elements in that form. Plant and ocean alchemy has always been the foundation whether consuming or learning to make your own. Ocean/sea alchemy forms natural forms of colloids in nanometer size.  We offer these at a production price if one wishes to take with the Ormes. For most the plant based ($30.00) works more effectively as it has a balancing effect and holds the healing quality of Mother Earth. The geographical/geological source of the plants is as important as the type of plants  in this case. 

This is not like taking vitamin C. Being an individual process the type of elements and internal ratio of elements changes as you proceed.  True charged ORMEs should take one beyond the need to take any transformational substances, including this one, by awakening an internal alchemy that includes the production of new hormones from a transformed endocrine system as well as a balancing of  spiritual currents and meridians and clearing away of deep-seated blockages. Doesn't happen  overnight but it's helpful to see where we are "coming from" and the potential. Becoming dependant on an external alchemical formulation to achieve..... is ultimately counter productive; these formulations awaken the deeper internal alchemy that precludes the need to continuosly take external substances. It is these deeper changes that bring about the positive benefits to health and longevity.

In order to derive optimum benefit from white powder gold one would need to avoid hydrochloric acid for the reasons already detailed. Monatomic gold and iridium do not dissolve at the pH of stomach acid but other m-state elements do. Once the biochemistry is understood the powder can be taken without long fasts; there are ways of taking the powder  in the midst of your modern lifestyle and still derive the benefits. Under this condition it can be quite powerful. New realms open up but the responsibility to live in that place should bring about an ongoing mature spiritual process. Indeed white powder gold was used in a series of initiations in Egypt as evidenced when Sir Williams Flinders Petrie uneartherd a temple on the Sinai Peninsula, at Mt Serabit, near Serabit El Khadim in 1903 which was full of alchemical iconography from the time of the 3rd Egyptian Dynasty. In this temple complex  a large amount of white powder apparently composed of monatomic elements was found as well as an alchemical crucible.  It appears that this white powder gold was one of the primary ingredient in the Bread Of Light used in their sacred rituals. 

This monatomic Bread OF Light however was used  in the context of a deep spiritual path. Unfortunately we have actually read  individuals suggest that taking white powder gold once will transform your life. You know that is not true as did the mature spiritual seekers who utilized white powder gold, but more naïve folks are misunderstanding its value. Adolescent spirituality is always seeking the external holy grail that will “do” that something to them, the “if I don’t get that pair of Nikes I’ll just die” mindset is taken into their spiritual quest. If you obtain white powder gold with that mindset you’ll be disappointed. If you approach with spiritual maturity it can indeed be very powerful. 

The powder made from the pure transition elements if taken to completion to the  ORMEs powder state is the purest form available. Although the various references to human studies need to be examined [Example: claims that research has shown white powder gold "cures" cancer; sometimes referencing a university study. Here is a link to the study at Rice University    The gold involved was a 10 nanometer shell around a silica seed. A gold coating is used because it absorbs energy turning it into heat, and can also carry biological markers that direct the nanoshells to their target tissues. It was not m-state gold that cured anything, the near infrared (NIR) light cooked the cancer cells to death.]; there is research being done on plants. They ask for sterile powder of a high purity; our ORMEs powder is tested for heavy metals including lead, mercury and arsenic. It's purer than our other forms which include Somas [wet method liquid suspension], Radiance [plant based], and a herbal combination we have made for us; we do not have any mineral based sources dug up and bottled for consumption. If used in a balanced and responsible manner it's the most effective and also the safest way to proceed from our point of view. 

The high spin powder does not store well in regular glass, it tends to "ooze" through, you actually lose material over time. Our white powder gold is now [as of 4/15/05] sealed in sterile borosilicate vials. For research purposes these laboratory vials can be autoclaved.

In our opinion--The pure whitepowder ORMES needs to be formulated per Hudson's patent at very high temperatures- we use a  crystal oven we had made for us- at 1200 plus degrees C. using one of the noble gases  (see our Regension formulated from xenon for more info re: noble gases). It's suggested helium or argon must be used. This is incorrect, based on our research, other noble gases can be used and causes a subtle difference in the gold ORMES formulated. At lower temperatures the powder is less pure and although it may be called "whitepowder gold" we would not refer to it as the pure ORMES.  David Hudson addressed this speaking of impurities that showed up but disappeared as the the formulating process moved along with higher temps under pressure and magnetic shielding. At Cornell U. with x-ray analysis David's first white powder gold assayed as iron, aluminum, silica and trace amounts of other impurities- this was the material made at relatively low temperatures with hydrogen. Some folks doing their own wet method  will find other impurities such as sodium and actual metallic gold, showing the process is incomplete (from our viewpoint). As David perfected his work using much higher temperatures, magnetic shielding, and controlling the gas as well as the temperature movement both rising and lowering-- the trace elements, "impurities" including any trace of metallic gold dissapeared and theORMES showed the mysterious weight loss we reference.It actually floats at times during the formulating process, and turned a very pure white showing some properties similar to quartz (the clear crystal formed from silica under pressure, used to hold, focus and release energy by scientists as well as metaphysicians). 

We include this information for others doing research, obviously these formulas  have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is for responsible exploration; some folks simply keep the high-vibration powder in their meditation area. Others use it as "plant food" on their organic gardens. WHITE POWDER GOLD AND TRANSITIONAL ELEMENTS ARE NEITHER A "DRUG" OR A NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT. IT DOES NOT WORK AS A PHARMACEUTICAL, BUT RATHER  WAS CONSIDERED TRADITIONALLY TO BE A SACRAMENT THAT EFFECTS THE SUBTLE BODIES. NONE OF THE STATEMENTS IN THESE PAGES SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS CLAIMS OR REPRESENTATION THAT ANY OF ASC INTERNATIONAL’S PRODUCTS ARE OFFERED FOR THE DIAGNOSIS, CURE, MITIGATION, TREATMENT OR PREVENTION OF ANY DISEASE. Always seek guidance from your trusted health profesional. 


We received the following emails in Nov./Dec. 2003 while Laurence Gardner was touring and speaking in the USA.

I spoke to Laurence Gardner when he came to Tempe Arizona, stating that I had not experienced much from the commercially available products.  Laurence said he has come to the conclusion that the gold, platinum white powder liquid suspensions and mineral powder being sold on the internet are of limited value due to the small amount of  high spin m-state contained and that the pure powder from gold is the better material. He referenced David Hudson's process, making ORMES in the high spin dry powder form  as being a truly effective approach over the weaker liquids. I was thrilled to discover you made this available to those interested in the deeper work. (complete email  on Ascension Assistance webpage)
Steve Platoes, Global Spirit Network

When I saw Laurence Gardner at the Bodhi Tree bookstore he suggested I take the powder made from pure gold since the various liquids selling on the web and powders taken from the ground do not contain significant  amounts of the pure material to bring about deep change. He mentioned David Hudson's method as being superior and had a container of the pure gold powder he consumes with him, it was quite unique appearing and seemed to have no weight to speak of.. When I received your white powder gold I immediately recognized it as being the same unusual material; totally different then what I had been buying. The results have been substantial and definitive. (complete email  on Ascension Assistance webpage)
Dr. Robert Goodman, D.O.

[Please note that Laurence Gardner is not associated with nor does he endorse any particular company. He did state  on a number of occasions during  his U.S. tour in late 2003 that he indeed believes that the pure powder from gold based on David Hudson's process,  not the m-state that is bonded to sodium (salt) or liquid suspensions, but David Hudson's powder form-  from pure gold and transitional elements, is most effective. A number of companies suggest he takes their products; in fact Laurence tried each producer prior to listing but does not take any companies products. He has a chemist make up the material for him using the Hudson patent method culminating in the pure powder form ]

"The ordinary conclusions of the activity of gold when assimilated is incorrect, for these feed directly to the tissues of the brain itself and given properly.. [in monatomic gold form]...  gold may almost lengthen to its double of its present endurance" Quote from the Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health. 

Since the weight of ORMEs is negligible shipping to Canada, Europe etc. is very low.

White Powder 

Clarification: The name Ascension Alchemy® came out of our work together in the 1960's and our interest in white powder gold and other alchemical formulas in the spiritual metamorphosis we enjoy exploring. Who knew madison ave. would use "ascension" as a buzz word to sell SUV's? A past customer of ours started ZPtechnology. Because of copied information re: the Golden Triangle >"Alchemy of Ascension is here! FirstWave Icarus"< as well as the forms-sublingual, powder- and similar names, our metalight morphed into astralight, etc.  folks have confused the two of us.  His website, very well done, was first put up May 24, 2002 (as archived). Under 'Alchemy Ascension'.....FirstWave; he wrote: >>"Do not be afraid, all is well and proceeding according to plan, all that you are called upon to do is to let go and to prepare the conscious to accept, simple acceptance."<< ...And we are now getting calls/emails questioning "our" underlying beliefs.  A neo-cons dream teaching; all is well, simple acceptance of....  Please- accept nothing-question everything.  Nor do we represent any organization for you to follow, as he writes  >> "to take you by the hand into the next golden age."<<. ZeroPoint is a past customer using the words and information for marketing; but absolutely no association- We are certainly not claiming to be Gurus or masters. Excuse the sidebar but it really has caused a good deal of confusion; and an important distinction- you are not children, we only wish to speak to the spiritual adult.  We do love what we do and hope the formulas assist you on your way.

The biological reality of the ascension process may be experienced as over stimulation of the nervous system, with associated complications, or short-circuiting leading to spaciness and fatigue. Both "opposites" are due to an inability to conduct more and more light. Monoatomic gold, monoatomic rhodium, and monoatomic iridium are bio-superconductors, promoting ease of light conductivity. 

Monoatomic rhodium and iridium appear to be the monoatomic elements found most abundantly in the body, particularly in the brain. Egyptian Initiates took these sacred elements compounded together specifically to light-up the "Crystal Cave", corresponding to the hypothalamus and subsidiary endocrine glands.

The hypothalamus, called the brain of the brain, lies under the front portion of the cerebral cortex and behind the nasal cavities. Here are the centers that regulate the autonomic nervous system and control the endocrine system. The hypothalamus does this via a complex of hormones that regulate the secretions of the anterior pituitary gland (the master gland), which in turn "controls" many of the other glands and processes.

A series of secretions from a balanced and activated hypothalamus instructs the body to prepare for a higher light resonance. These new neuro-secretions are ultimately responsible for the cellular changes necessary for "light transmutation". These include thinner cell membranes and larger nuclei, allowing for greater conductivity of Light and Shakti as well as  reactivation of the thymus gland. These and other biological changes initiated from the hypothalamus enable you to hold and transmit more light with ease, ultimately becoming your light body here

We now know that hydrochloric (digestive) acid aborts this process by changing monoatomic rhodium to monoatomic rhodium chloride. This is great for some physical health concerns (rhodium chloride is being researched by pharmaceutical companies),and we offer other  formulas expressly for that purpose. However, monoatomic rhodium must be in its pure "straight" monoatomic state to activate the crystal cave and initiate the biological reality of the ascension process. The Egyptians knew of the alchemical loss caused by digestive acids, so the initiates fasted prior to taking monoatomic rhodium and iridium. 

Sublingual formulations bypass the hydrochloric acid; however, traditional homeopathic potencies may only act to 'antidote' the monoatomic elements found naturally in your body. Homeopathic formulations may actually begin to remove your naturally occurring monoatomic elements; depending on how they are formulated. 'Alchemical homeopathy'™(the way it differs from traditional discussed under  TECHNICAL INFORMATION ) adds to the tradition of classical homeopathy thru our use of either in-phase or out-of-phase wave patterns to appropriately formulate the correct potency; and the shifting from sine waves to standing columnar waves as the clearing is affected in the subtle bodies. 

The proper ratio of monoatomic elements is as important as purity, technique of production and source. Monoatomic (monatomic) iridium, for example,  should not be given alone; indeed David Hudson recommended eliminating monoatomic iridium entirely for certain health concerns based on very real biological and biochemical considerations. M-state iridium is an essential part of the spiritual/physical metamorphosis we speak to here and is the most stable of the monoatomis elements. However taken alone it can cause imbalance; more so than any of the other transition elements. Taking iridium alone is like taking calcium without magnesium, an essential mineral becomes problematic due to imbalance.

Ascension Alchemy offers three initial  octaves of Lumina in 2 oz. amber glass; Octave 2  is not effective without the foundation of Octave 1, etc.; it’s an initiatory clearing process. Each octave amplifies the transformational properties of the monoatomic elements.  By taking the monoatomic rhodium and iridium under the tongue, the destructive digestive acids are by-passed and the biological reality of the ascension process is initiated.

Plastic, as used in oral spray tops (and sometimes even bottles) while cheaper than glass negates the potency of homeopathic formulas. Although not  traditional homeopathic formulas, these formulations are bottled  in amber glass bottles with glass droppers, the formula never comes into contact with plastic.  This is not an ecological statement; plastic literally antidotes any homeopathic formula.  Small, light ½ oz. glass bottles with droppers are available for travel convenience.

We add  micro amounts of organic alcohol after the process is complete to stabilize and hold the resonance. Micro  amounts in this type of m-state formulation enhances (significant amounts would deter), and these are the formulations we take.  However we also offer alcohol free formulations at no additional cost. Simply email us after you order requesting  alcohol free. 

Contents: 'Alchemical Homeopathy '™ preparation of monoatomic rhodium, monoatomic iridium in molecularly structured  water, organic alcohol under 3%v/v  alcohol free formulations available   Available in Octave 1, Octave 2, Octave 3and beyond. 

Important note: Many enzymes in the body have cellular concentrations of 1X10-4M to 1X10-6M. These levels correspond to potencies in the ranges of 2C - 3C. Regulatory enzymes and transfer or communicative molecules have been measured at cellular levels of 1X10-9M - 1X10-10M corresponding to potencies of  6C .  Hormone levels are measured or estimated to be present at physiological concentrations of 1X10-9M - 1X10-22M representing potencies of  6C - 12C.  (Higher, ‘stronger’ potencies taken prematurely or in isolation may heal imbalances in the subtle bodies without connecting/grounding to the physical; this often occurs with subtle energy products causing any initial temporary improvement to dissipate. As you can see beginning with a seemingly higher octave is actually not "higher" as far as lasting effects go). These concentration levels within the cells, tissues, blood and fluids illustrate the potential relationships between homeopathic potencies and physiological activities; the relationship continues through the more ‘subtle’ bodies, depending on the potency chords used in the formulation. 

Dr. Herman Junker published a study in 1982 entitled "On the Effects of Extremely Potentized Substances on Paramecia". His data quite clearly shows that some potencies inhibit while other potencies stimulate, so it's important for the creator of  formulas using individual or potency chords to understand which potencies of the same substance will stimulate, and which will inhibit. It is important to recognize the various relationships between individual potencies, the body, and the intent of the formula.

Van Benochoten has also demonstrated that potencies have harmonic relationships with each other. The unique harmonic relationships of the low and medium potencies provide the basis for the use of resonant, harmonizing, or multiple potency 'chords'. Harmonics, interesting isn’t it?
  Somas Plus® With Indium & Mucopolysaccharides
Based on the tradtion of ocean/sea alchemy this is a broad spectrum formula containing all the m-state (ormus) elements. It combines the Atlantic, Pacific, Dead Sea, Great Salt Lake and a land based rock salt. It is the only formula we do not make ourselves. We do not have access to the ships and other equipment needed to take the water from the deepest purest part of the ocean or sea sourced. There are other companies that focus on this foundational ocean alchemy and do it a great deal better than we could. Since it contains all the m-state elements either this or the complete spectrum plant based  formula is excellent to take both as a preparation and during the process (either/or; not suggesting both). We now offer both at production cost with the pure Ormes for this reason. 

The finished Somas is nothing like the source material; sea water or salt.  The multi-step process derives monoatomic elements in a liquid emulsion; it is more viscous then water and milky white  in color. Allowed to sit it divides into a white suspension with a layer of clear water rising to the top. This clear  water  is slightly salty  and is sometimes siphoned off and sold in dropper bottles for its m-state content; these clear salty solutions  have a longer shelf life but are relatively weak..  The sodium holds the monoatomic elements in solution and the salty taste identifies the clear solution is derived from this basic water and fire  method. We add concentrated mucopolysaccharides from aloe vera grown in soil rich in monoatomic elements.   Acemannon®,  one of these well-known polysaccharides is very rich in rhodium, but other mucopolysaccharides are also very rich sources of monoatomic elements. We add the trace element Indium due to its ability to  normalize the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The final suspension is mildly salty with an astringent quality imparted by the mucopolysaccharides.

 This liquid form, being a nanocolloid does not truly pass the blood-brain barrier (as the primary tri-ad and Ormes powder does) and will convert to monoatomic chlorides in the stomach. The monatomic form of chlorides are excellent to support and balance the physical body.


[ We now have a new plant based ormus offered at a very low cost as a preparation and support for the pure powder Ormes that is sent soon after the initial consult for those interested in the Ormes powder. It is a broad spectrum ormus containing all the m-state elements to support the physical while taking the Ormes. More plant 'ingrediants' than the standard Radiance described here and available with the pure powder. ]

Radiance is a natural plant based broad spectrum formula. Although certain plants are naturally higher in monatomic elements equally important is the soil in which they're grown. In formulating Radiance® we first identified the highest soil concentrations of monatomic elements, and then identified the plants that most effectively took-up (through their roots) and further transmuted these elements based on David Hudson's original tests and research. These plant sources include a new variety of grape (there's a reason for the sacred tradition of wine), and polysaccharides from aloe vera. Acemannan ®, the pharmaceutical grade of the patented betamannon molecule, is the best known of these, but other polysaccharides are also very high in monatomic elements.

White Powder Gold FAQ

Earlier we said "having a positive attitude does not preclude discrimination in the field". Our customers have asked why we do not distribute the naturally occurring  powders (also available in black, pink, etc) that are being referred to as white powder gold. David Hudson, who rediscovered and holds the patents on orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements, clarified that:
Etherium Gold (Aulterra powder) and Aurum Solis contain no measurable amounts of orbitally rearranged monoatomic (monatomic) elements. In a radio interview David Hudson, patent holder of ORMES [orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements] stated:
Radio host: They are just digging it out of the ground and putting it in bottles, I understand. Is it possible to measure parts per million with the analysis you did.
David Hudson: Well for example on their label Etherium claims they have 94 parts per million monoatomic gold; whitepowder gold.  If they are analyzing it the way they claim, it is a metallic and therefore a poison. Okay? If it is really there by the way they analyze, it is not doing any good in your body. 
David Hudson: That's right.  There is no way they are doing it, I absolutely guarantee it. I've tested Etherium Powder, they do not contain monoatomic, white powder gold. Same with Aurum Solis. 
I can absolutely guarantee as far as the precious elements in the monoatomic form, there is zilch. And the only difference between the various colors is added dye, other than the added coloring dye, red, black, etc. they are the same exact material; they test exactly the same. Laser spectrophotometeric analysis and neutron activation  do not measure monatomic elements; the elements listed therefore represent standard metals. 

The method to detect m-state elements is specially modified DC arc spectroscopy. Laser spectrophotometeric analysis and neutron activation is a conventional industrial test to detect standard metals etc.  Dr. Zieg Bremmer replicated the modified DC arc method, originally perfected by the Russians, for David.

The essential point, in terms of human consumption, of m-state elements is their lack of standard metals, their lack of metal to metal bonds. Various minerals powders from volcanic sources, ancient sea beds etc. may indeed contain some m-state elements however along with the monatomic consideration is the fact that mineral powders dug from "open sky" sources, whether ancient dry sea beds, minerals from 'meteorite hits', or volcanic ash; contain insect parts, bird feathers,worm droppings, etc. they may be high in bacteria and aluminum as well. There are a number of companies offering safer alternatives. Volcanic ash, volcanic ejecta, etc. are just different ways of saying soil taken from a mountain that has had active volcanic activity at some point. Besides the issue of heavy metals, material taken from the ground would tend to be high in bacteria. Why?...it's being dug up; worms have crawled through, bird droppings, acid rain falling etc. It's not only a question of getting what you want you also need to question whether it contains what you do not want.  As m-state goes mainstream people are simply mixing various mineral or volcanic powders in a blender, calling it an elixir/concentrate and claiming it has undergone an "alchemical" process. You can decide for yourself if a mineral extract is the same as pure ORMEs powder.

Colloidal gold, silver etc. are not m-state by our definition. All the products using an electrical charge through a liquid medium can create nano-sized colloidal suspensions if done with pure metals correctly; however colloids, by any name, still contain minute metal to metal bonds. Nanocolloids and true monatomic elements are two entirerly different animals. Colloids are wonderful for infections and certain health concerns but, from our point of view not the transformational qualities inherent in Ormes.

Some of the best foundation work began and continues with  the simple wet process which can be used not only with the Great Salt Lake and Dead Sea but with other bodies of water as well. But common sense please; salt absorbs impurities--just put in a bowel pure unrefined salt can even purify your air of smoke and some indoor pollutants as well as "negative" energy. It absorbs and holds--indeed truer to say salt absorbs m-state and holds it, like a little package, rather than the m-state is in the salt. It does the same globally; salt from Tibetan waters have aborbed the pain that is there now--Tibet is crying as her culture is destroyed and her monks are tortured (reported so seldom due to China's growing economic influence). The salt holds today's pain not yesterdays spiritual treasures; so whether making your own or purchasing--just as in plant based formulas-look to the source.

Updated 4/29/06: We mentioned the Atlantic and Pacific (the deeper the better) but some fresh water sources can also be used. So our Somas is better cause of added this and balanced that--right? No! Our Somas liquid suspension is in no way superior to those of other sincere producers, it depends on what you are looking for; different water sources have different ratios of m-state elements.  There are a number of good folks using this method and offering products commercially, majority sincere and honest. There is more recently some ZP tech type hype "out there"  fabricated info. mystery system marketing with no real substance behind the material; smoke and mirrors. 

You will see the fabricated "kirlian" photos on a number of the newer srites, including multi-level marketing; all selling this same  material. Not made from precious metals or by Hudson's patent however different sellers make different claims about the same exact powder based on a marketing or promotional decisions.  So along with the majority--good people motivated by sincere passion producing viable products--you begin to get fabrication which hurts all of us and indeed the whole field of research; white powder gold is now considered by some to be a new-age fad. This  never happened until we entered the 2000's and "white powder gold" gained in popularity as a marketing tool. 
We get taken off of Barry's, and other generic ormus lists for talking like this ( from our veiwpoint Barry is a good man who has done a great deal to make this material known to a wider audience- and he teaches an excellent class on making m-state from sea salt). 
[>>Elimination of criticism will therefore not mean a lack of discrimination and an inability to see error or failure where it does occur. No -- falsity, impurity, insincerity and weaknesses of whatever nature should be clearly recognized<< "Discipleship In the New World"]
But we are probably as responsible as any for bringing white powder gold to the "spiritual" community; not the valuable general outreach of recent years, but to "our folks" and  if someone lacks integrity, and coming somewhat "out of" our work then we have a responsibility to be politically incorrect. Ditto if something may be harmful over time; "but the material is not the same as it was in 1995".  Sorry but it is exactly the same material dug from the ground and dyed different colors. We don't want people becoming aware of whitepowder gold through our work and ending up harming themselves nor  wasting valuable time spiritually with dishonest smoke and mirrors; the times are too precious for such [april '06]. So...politically incorrect.

Our approach and focus is certainly not for everyone; and there are often waiting lists or periods of time we simply close to any new folks.  If you don't connect with our approach we'll be glad to recommend someone who we have no affiliation with other then a shared passion for the field. Their products may be better than ours for some; alchemy is nothing if not personal and what works for one may not for another. Over the years we have learned from each other and respect each others work. Most are wonderful honest folks who sincerely produce helpful products. Alchemy is a life-long pursuit and we are obviously not alone in our longevity or our passion. You'll meet some of the finest folks, if you seek depth and use discrimination. 

Not all elements have the potential to be made into a monatomic or diatomic form. Here is the periodic table with the transition elements with potential to form ORMEs, as covered in the patent, in red.

 H    He 
 Li   Be    B   C   N   O   F   Ne
 Na   Mg    Al   Si   P   S   Cl   Ar 
 K   Ca   Sc   Ti  V   Cr   Mn   Fe   Co   Ni   Cu   Zn   Ga   Ge   As   Se   Br   Kr
 Rb   Sr   Y   Zr   Nb   Mo   Tc   Ru  Rh Pd Ag Cd  In   Sn   Sb Te  I  Xe
 Cs   Ba   La*     Hf   Ta   W   Re   Os  Ir Pt Au  Hg Tl   Pb   Bi   Po   At   Rn 
 Fr   Ra   Ac**   Rf   Db   Sg   Bh   Hs  Mt Uun Uuu Uub  Uuq  Uuh  Uuo

 Lanthanides *  Ce   Pr   Nd   Pm   Sm  Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
 Actinides **  Th   Pa   U   Np   Pu  Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No Lr

Because they possess the properties of metals, the transition elements are also known as the transition metals. Study any text on alchemy; the beginner starts with plant alchemy, and includes the sea salt preparations, in time graduating to working with  minerals and ultimately to the precious metals; the precious metals always referenced as the highest, most powerful form of alchemy and the most difficult to master. These elements are very hard, with high melting points and boiling points. Moving from left to right across the periodic table, the five d orbitals become more filled. The d electrons are loosely bound, which contributes to the high electrical conductivity and malleability of the transition elements. The transition elements have low ionization energies. They exhibit a wide range of oxidation states or positively charged forms. The positive oxidation states allow transition elements to form many different ionic and partially ionic compounds. The formation of complexes causes the d orbitals to split into two energy sublevels, which enables many of the complexes to absorb specific frequencies of light. Some of the elements that are claimed to be monatomic/diatomic do not have the potential to be transformed into m-state; it's just being used as a marketing tool. You can check yourself now. Liquid nanocolloids are not ORMEs, different form-different function.

Producing true ORMEs, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements, is a very real ancient process. Of course new  innovations are possible, but based on a  substantial true alchemical process. Alchemy is based on an implosion of substance and light; the substance part of that equation is crucial for biological and biochemical metamorphosis.  Alchemy deals with transformation down to the cells.   David Hudson went through a complex processes to produce monatomic elements and purify the raw material, he did not extract the raw minerals or forms of white, gray or dyed mineral powder or volcanic soil for human consumption. No shortcuts or new age mumbo jumbo; a real process producing pure monatomic elements in powder form from the patent.  If completely taken all the way into the pure powder form it is the purest and safest type of m-state available. Properly made the pure powder meets higher standards of purity than any of the other types of m-state we make, including the wet method from sea water (our Somas), plant based (our Radiance), herbal complex etc.

There are substances that can take monatomic elements out of the high spin state and should be avoided:  Sulfites,which are common food additives  used as sanitary agents and preservatives to prevent discoloration of  foods.  They are usually used in restaurant salad bars and are also present in some supermarket foods. Sulfiting agents appear in food ingredient lists in a variety of ways, including sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite  and  sulfur dioxide. The supplement MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, should not be taken with monatomic/diatomic elements. Again with the growing popularity of these elements a few of the newer sites may include MSM for sale on the same site as white powder gold, which is contra-indicated (easy way to discriminate the new-age marketers from alchemists). Other things to avoid while taking white powder gold are: dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, carbonated drinks, excessive alcohol consumption (however wine can be quite high in monatomic rhodium so varies depending on source) and excessive ultraviolet light. Sorry but you will have to give up pepsi, coke etc. to derive optimum benifits; as far as monatomic elements go these are more detrimental then caffeine. Garlic and onions should be eaten sparingly, especially when raw; we are  not denying there positive antimicrobial effects, however they "interfer" with m-state elements. Other substances are more specific to individual ORMEs.

ORMES, ORMUS and M-state Definitions

This field is like the wild west at this point; each individual may claim to be a law onto himself and give specific definitions to what they are selling for others or producing for themselves. One researcher suggests a hierarchical progression from liquid ORMUS, to m-state, to ORMEs. He makes some valid points but this is not at all agreed on at this time. David Hudson used the acronym ORME to refer to Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Elements which he patented. More recently some folks are calling the un-assayable form of the transition elements  generally by the name ORMUS or m-state. So one person may define m-state as being bonded to sodium, while others would not; same term being used differently by different people. 

David Hudson, in the true tradition of alchemy left some steps out of the patent; enough information to get the patent, and indeed enough information for one to begin to proceed, but not enough for one to make something prematurely re: the final steps, charging etc., "high-spin" (David Hudson's phrase).  Some very sincere good folks using other valid but different methods for making ormus suggest there is no "high-spin" state. For them there is not; it is not a natural occurrence in material derived from natural sources, it takes place only with the pure precious metals rather than the very valid plant and sea alchemy that are the initial schools of alchemy taught to any student. It is not "natural", one could say it accelerates the natural. Not unlike some ancient techniques of pranayam to accelerate spiritual growth, causing the currents to cycle in an accelerated and more powerful way then natural breathing. A valid argument can be made that the term "high-spin" is not scientifically accurate, that there is no empirical evidence that Hudson's "high spin state" really means anything. However by any term the difference in form and the function that always follows form, the effect,  is apparent to anyone taking the Ormes powder. 

The term high spin refer to the electronic configurations of particular geomtries of certain d-block metal ions.  Whether one calls charged ORMEs powder high-spin or not, the important point  is to identify what the source is; sea water or salt from various sources, minerals, volcanic or inland sea material/soil, the transition metals themselves, etc and to identify how it is being produced; the process used. David used high-spin in his talks and writing partly to define the difference between stronger annealed and charged white powder gold versus powder that has not been annealed (it's an oxymoran to call liquid suspensions or mineral/volcanic powder high-spin). The pure charged powder from transition metals can be identified by the very unique properties as well as the effect.  Ultimately it speaks for itself.

 Clarifying Hudson's Decision; liquid versus powder

Other than some modern commercial producers or teachers of the wet method no serious spiritual explorer we are aware of ever compared the liquids and uncharged gold powder to what is called Ormes in the modern world  David "back tracked" a bit when it  was time to literally send his material through the mail to those who had supported his work [Science of Spirit non profit foundation] and planned to send m-state liquid rhodium and iridium. This decision is sometimes misrepresented to imply the liquid m-state from the wet method or the liquid chlorides are superior to the completed white powder Ormes.

It is quite true that m-state rhodium and iridium are at least as important to general health than gold, and that gold and iridium m-state powder are, to a certain extent, not digested and assimilated (the hydrochloric acid issue we discussed). So the liquid m-state forms of rhodium/iridium were a good choice. But to imply the liquid chlorides or wet method suspensions are therefore superior based on Hudson's research and his decision is misleading and inaccurate. The high-spin Ormes powder David patented if made from pure gold is as light as air and best taken under the tongue, digestion and assimilation in the stomach, issues of pH are irrevelent it never 'sees' the stomach. There is no comparison between pure Ormes and liquid chlorides or suspensions. This high-spin Gold Ormes was never intended to be sent to members of the SOSF. The m-state powder of rhodium and iridium prior to the annealing and charging was considered but since the iridium would not digest well the liquid chlorides were both a cheaper (economics was a factor in the decision, the liquid is less concentrated containing less m-state than the powder) and better alternative. 

That bit of Ormes history clarifies-- David always considered the Ormes powder to be superior to the liquid chlorides and would never compare the Ormes powder to the liquids in terms of the deeper attributes even while preparing to ship them as more economical replacements. David, Sir Laurence, the Egyptian initiates, and others interested in the deeper spiritual metamorphosis considered the pure white powder gold superior; though not always readily available (in Egypt used by the Pharaohs rather than general populace, in certain mystery schools only after years of membership) .

Besides the pure powder what are other natural sources of  monatomic elements that are easily available? Certain plants can indeed contain  high levels of monatomic elements; however once again the key is the soil in which they are grown. Some of the  mucopolysaccharides from aloe vera may contain high amounts of monatomic elements, again the key is in the soil. Not only the fertility, but the geological history. 

Along with the ingredients in our formulations, here are some other natural substances rich in monatomic elements 

Burdock root
Blood Root
Golden Seal
Grapes (some varieties very high)
Aloe leaf
St. Johns Wort
Sheep Sorrel 
Water Cress

The key here is always the abundance of monatomic elements in the soil in which these are grown.  For example, carrots grown a matter of miles apart can vary widely in amounts of monatomic elements depending on the soil; the same holds true for the herbs. 

There are some delightful folks doing work with herbal combinations rich in m-state that offer these for sale.  Again, although we don't offer this approach we know folks who do and will be glad to recommend; another very valid approach. Good people doing good work. 

Calm Clarity
The ever increasing intensity of light and electromagnetic surges on Terra can cause stess and tension. The bio-superconducting quality of monoatomic gold enables the light to flow without resistance, washing away the blockages that result in tension. This effect together with the calming properties of Kava Kava root create a unique formulation. Kava has been used by medicine women and shamans for over 3, 000 years to acheive a deeply relaxed, calm state without the dulling, sluggish effect of some herbal preparations (and tranqualizers). The root contains active Kavalactones which allow one to deeply relax while at the same time experience increased cognitive function without harmful side effects. A 1993 article in Neuropsychobiology reported Kava improves mental function and clarity, the opposite effect of most sedatives, herbal or synthetic.

Relaxed body, calm yet alert mind. These qualities together with the Ascension Alchemy of monoatomic gold make Calm Clarity a profound formulation to acheive deeper states of clear meditation while sitting or on the go; and as a means to relax into sleep while remaining lucidly conscious in the dream state and beyound. Calm Clarity is formulated homeopathically to pass directly through the blood-brain barrier and act without delay. Since only the  mother tincture of Kava Kava root is used it does not effect liver function; one needs to be cautious when taking the herbal concentrate. 

Contents: Alchemical homeopathy™ formulation of monoatomic gold (6c), kava kava root (12c) in molecularly structured water, alcohol 10% v/v. Special orders: alcohol free formulation.  Directions: Monoatomic gold, kava kava10-11 drops under the tongue as needed.

Alpine, from a source spring in the Austrian Alps, is included here because of its naturally occurring monatomic platinum, along with small amounts of monatomic  gold, rhodium and iridium. The water is captured underground  at the source. Similar to our discussion of the geology of  soil rich in monatomic gold, etc., areas with low sulfur volcanic, or glacial bedrock  offer the richest source of naturally occurring monatomic elements in water. 

While  underground the Earth’s magnetic field does not stimulate the monatomic elements, so this is the optimum point to harvest.  Once the water surfaces and moves in relation to the Earth’s magnetic field the monatomic elements are stimulated and escape into the air. Salt shields m-state elements  from the Earth’s magnetic field, which allows it to collect in the oceans.

The monatomic elements from the source spring are ultra concentrated by continuous  cycles through a magnetic trap; the final product  being viscous and containing   monoatomic platinum (approximately 75% of total m-state),  rhodium, iridium and gold. 

This form  does seem to react  with the emotional body. For those interested in the deeper process of spiritual metamorphosis,  ascension,  the pure monatomic powder is far more powerful.  Alpine is an excellent way to begin taking monatomic elements if that is not your primary intent. Call (847) 673-3431 or email to order Alpine to insure availability

Alpine: 8 oz. bottle $30.00 

White Powder Gold and lesser known m-state elements

Monatomic  elements were probably best understood and utilized in ancient Egypt. At this point in the infancy of this field in our modern world most of this is speculation; but here are some opinions from folks we respect along with our own thoughts.

"Monatomic cobalt will build up within you a type of thermal regulation system that will allow your energy field to be greatly enhanced, greatly accelerated.   Monatomic palladium appears to be good for vision and reparation, regeneration of certain cellular structures that have to do with sensory apparatus. The monatomic iridium  speeds up the metabolism of the body. Monatomic copper seems to have a less profound psycho-physical effect than the gold; people with a copper deficiency will convert monatomic copper to metallic copper. Monatomic ruthenium appears to have advantages for thyroidal action and adenoidal action and for thymus action as well. It also seems to react with the DNA."  [ Telomeres are "end caps" that appear to have a biological clock function that could possibly extend human life; they tend to get frayed as the DNA relpicates like the ends of old shoe laces]  One way of shortening your life is becoming obsessed with longevity or immortality out of fear; not only fear of death but there is also a fear of old age, in other words a fear of the future. What is created is born out of the fear; what you are pushing "against" is really what you are giving attention to. Attention is not the only way we create on this planet, but it's an important part of the equation. 

We have made a combination of monatomic nickel (one of the transition elements) and chromium for our personal use; it seems to enhance the learning capability of the brain however the monatomic nickel [which is predominately responsible for the effects] is rather unstable and will not stay in monatomic form without the catalytic chromium. Silver is the least stable of all the transition elements, there is a real danger of  silver taken to m-state containing metal to metal bonds. We include this informatioin for others doing research, and make them available for your personal research; obviously these have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

A number of the sites selling m-state were created recently with the growing popularity of this material.  Some tend to make unsubstantiated claims, perhaps writing a testimonial ot two to reinforce. Studies have shown that most testimonials were found to be fabricated sales tools; we never suggest purchasing anything based on testimonials. Again you need to be discerning, especially if you are ill. The pure powder in the proper ratio can indeed promote healing through its effect on the etheric/chakras which relate directly to the endocrine glands and immune system, but you have to be a conscious, responsible  part of the equation in any healing.

We suggest you proceed exploring our other formulas, some of which are quite unique; but if your interest is limited to monatomic elements at the very least be sure to read: The Rainbow Body page prior to ordering or contacting us.
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