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Next step?' Ha!  'you must be mad old man' laughed the young aspirant, there are no steps, truth is a pathless land. He smiled and simply offered her his staff.

Please read Ascension Assistance prior to this webpage; the new hormonal secretions and spiritual endocrinology discussed there is the foundation for this page and the Golden Seed
note: this webpage, as of 2/1/06  is static
the continuous additions, going into greater depth, are on the Ormes/Seed customer website as well as the new formulas--however we will continue to put the dates & times of the phone gatherings on this page-- and it gives a good intro. to new folks regarding the Seed and our future work together.

The secret of life lies in the person in front of you at the grocery hardware drug store. watch closely, the way they
interact with the check-out person. the goodness, the kindness that is always just under the surface--let your heart be
touched as you go about your day-- the child's eyes, the elders holding hands in the park--watch, listen, be aware. She
(the Goddess, not referring to any individual teacher, etc.) is touching so many of you deeper now that you will begin to
see with the eyes of Divinity. The preciousness of humanity--why we came--why you came--remember. Deep in the
night, sit, receive Her Love in your night--share the overflow in your day. Receive Her Love in your night. The foundation--to allow yourself to receive. You are so Loved

Please read Ascension Assistance prior to this webpage; the new hormonal secretions and spiritual endocrinology discussed there is the foundation for the Golden Seed

Mountain. Gatherings. Next mountain gathering in spring '07; East coast in summer '07

Many of you have no interest in connecting physically and you all have your own personal spiritual connections, teachers, centers etc.  But enough of you asked to give birth to a physical place to gather along with the live phone gatherings.  Since our folks, you folks come from every spiritual and religious tradition the term "rainbow gathering" is quite appropriate; as you know, we do not represent any single tradition, religion, priesthood, teacher Please stop for a moment..see the heart on the mountain...
Here the winds of transcendence blow cold--blowing away the illusion of immortality for that which is truly immortal. New worlds Old worlds blown away by this wind--leaving our world ever born anew. A heart to embrace all, from worlds near and far in space and time. Where is your  True Causal Heart? Most of you know not to the left of your chest. The True Heart of the mountain lies deeper than the outer exoteric. On the surface--Earth Water Fire Air prepare--When ready enter there.


Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes is the original source of Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy.  Outwardly a recipe for the preparation of the Philosopher's Stone (the Sun refers to Gold in Alchemical terminology),  the process described has multi-levels of meaning and is of far more universal application. Here is a translation:

  That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the accomplishment of the Miracle of One Thing. And just as all things have come from One, through the Mediation of One, so all things follow from this One Thing in the same way.
     Its Father is the Sun. Its Mother is the Moon. The Wind has carried it in its Belly. Its Nourishment is the Earth. It is the Source of every completed Thing in the whole World. Its Strength is intact if it is turned towards the Earth. Separate the Earth by Fire: the fine from the gross, gently, and with great skill.
     It rises from Earth to Heaven, and then it descends again to the Earth, and receives Power from Above and from Below . Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World. All Obscurity will be clear to you. This is the strong Power of all Power because it overcomes everything fine and penetrates everything solid.
     In this way was the World created. From this there will be amazing Applications, because this is the Pattern. Therefore am I called Thrice Greatest Hermes, having the three parts of the Wisdom of the whole World.
     Herein have I  explained the Operation of the Sun.

Golden Seed

This is an entirely  different formula then monatomic/diatomic  gold, Ormus, etc.  Not a liquid monatomic/diatomic elixir or the high-spin powder form of gold; different form and different function. The pure powder and liquid monatomic formulas are at: The Seed formulations are also not alchemical potable gold, again different form and different function. It literally "descends" in a different form; obviously not a powder in this case. The Golden Seed meditations suggested will vary depending on the point from whence you begin, and change as you move along. Those  who begin the process will be asked to keep in touch  as our suggestions will change depending on what is occurring. The formula will change as well depending on your "state", 12 elements (based on the preciousand semi-precious metals) used in varying ratios. There are ongoing phone gatherings and meditations that you are welcome to join as well as physical gatherings (see photo above) so the process is more individual and personal.

Although we do not promote the following- since this implies it is a pharmaceutical- both the Seed and Ormes powder meet USP specifications. In other words-ALTHOUGH THESE ARE TRADITIONAL ALCHEMICAL FORMULAS NOT MEANT TO TREAT ANY DISEASE; AND ARE NEITHER PHARMACEUTICALS NOR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, RATHER MEANT FOR YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIMENTATION/EXPLORATION they do meet the very highest standards of purity.

Those who travel with us know that  we practice High Alchemy, the alchemy of the Ancient Ones, those who have conquered death (doesn't mean they stay in their form, that would be quite boring) and add what we call new alchemy upon that foundation. High Alchemy is  an  internal process supported by an external tradition, pointing to a deeper meaning of  what is really being transformed or transmuted. The deeper esoteric work through talks and physical gatherings for those who wish. Following is a correlation of the outward steps of formulating the Golden Seed with the deeper inner meaning of the transformation.

First, to define terms:  the term transmution   refers to the act of changing  something from one form to another where the new form is similar to the old form with equal value but  more usefulness (getting change for a dollar to use a pay phone as a mundane example) Tranformation  is the act of changing  something from one form to another where the new form is unlike the old form  and of greater value.

Transformation  can depend on the meaning and significance one places in the new form. In this instance  the initial form of the gold  is of greater value to most; while the Golden Seed formulation is of far greater value to those seeking the  spiritual transformational process  discussed here.

We realize that the following order differs from that given in some of the ancient texts; when the oral tradition was put into writing often there was an attempt to conceal as well as to direct in order to protect immature students from harming themselves and others.

1. Calcination is the first of seven major steps in formulating in any alchemy of transformation. Chemically, the Calcination   process involves fire; heating a substance  as a step to getting to essence; with plants this is to ash, with metal it is till the ‘light-seed’ is released.

To quote: "If the mass were solid and cold, the element of life would be slow in penetrating below the surface of the metal. but in the molten mass, the life-giving substance becomes thoroughly mixed with the substance of the metal and the transformation can begin. The seed of the plant is in the plant; the seed of the animal is in the animal; and here too the seed  rests in the metal”  It is not sufficient merely to melt the gold into molten liquid, it must be reduced  further to release the light-seed. Calcination represents the  fire of creation

Inwardly, this is the destruction of the negative ego. It is important to note that there is a positive ego that serves as a focus point  and is needed to function harmoniously on this plane. Some spiritual processes mistakenly seek the destruction, or death, of the ego without discrimination, leaving the initiate vulnerable to various difficulties mundane and profound.

We are not referencing the negative aspect of the ego, that is indeed your worst enemy.  But, just as the soul acts as a point of focus when you move beyond the body (and ultimately is transcended as a point of identification) this postive aspect of the ego can and should be connected as a point of positive  focus while you are functioning in the physical. A free being acts from a knowingness, unified potential spontaneously goes into action through this positive ego, the focus is needed here.

Traditionally Inner Calcination was often a painful process taking place through the trials  of life. We suggest it was never ‘meant’ to be this painful. Things became quite convoluted here;  ‘true’ alchemy offers the opportunity for the pain to be transformed  into a conscious joyful process.

Physiologically, the Fire of Calcination is experienced as the metabolic  or aerobic activity that tunes the body, burning off excesses from overindulgence. Inner Calcination begins in the Base or Lead Chakra at the the base of the spine.

2. DISSOLUTION is the second major step. Chemically, it is the dissolving of the Calcination in water.

Inwardly this represents a further breaking down of the artificial structures of the psyche and a unifying of the different aspects. Traditionally the approach was such that  the initiates  conscious minds must let go of control,  opening the “floodgates” and generating new energy from the waters held back; again potentially  a painful process. If the approach  involves  deeper integration and alliance of the subconscious and even the unconscious to a certain degree then dissolution can be experienced as a flow of bliss. We are not speaking of traditional psychological therapy but rather a conscious spiritual process available now. Through dissolution one  becomes  more integrated and  able to actively engage in creative acts with less  personal or cultural prejudice or limited conditioning entering in to the creative process.

Physiologically, Dissolution is the the opening-up of energy channels in the body (including meridians) to recharge and elevate every  cell. Dissolution takes place in the Genital or Tin Chakra and also involves the lungs and spleen

3. SEPARATION is the third step of formulating and transformational alchemy. Chemically, it is  the isolation of the components by filtration followed by  discarding of any unworthy material.
Inwardly this process is the rediscovery of our essence and the reclaiming of dreams and  visions  rejected by the masculine, rational part of our minds. Here one   reviews formerly hidden material (that has become conscious through dissolution) and consciously decides, chooses, what to discard and what to reintegrate into our refined personality. Separation is letting go of the self-inflicted restraints to our true nature.

Physiologically, Separation is  following and controlling the breath in the body as it works with the  forces of Spirit and Soul to give birth to new energy and physical  renewal. Separation begins in the Navel or Iron Chakra located at the level of the solar plexus.

4. CONJUNCTION is the fourth step  Chemically, it is the  recombination of the saved elements from Separation into a new  substance.

Inwardly this corresponds to the union of both the masculine and feminine sides of our nature into a unified state of consciousness. With this unification comes the potential for  direct nonlinear knowing that is more than intuition; but rather a direct knowing by being able to become ‘part of’ that which would be known; a ‘grokking’.  The alchemists referred to it as the Lesser Stone, and after it is achieved, the adept is able to  clearly discern what needs to be done to achieve deeper realization.

Physiologically, Conjunction  is using the body’s sexual energies for personal transformation Conjunction takes place in the body at the level of the Heart or Copper Chakra as the life current flows from the sacral through the solar plexus lifting into the crucible of the heart.

The fourth step in a process is always the most determined and needs to be approached with patience and maturity; one needs to be on guard  for self-delusion and possible entrapment. The second chakra deals with more than sexual energy; it encompases pleasure on many levels. Each chakra  can be looked at  as having 12 depths, each depth being a harmonic of one of the 12 major chakras. For example the 5th depth of the sacral chakra relates to mental pleasure, harmonic to the (5th) throat chakra . The 3rd depth of the sacral is pleasure  relating to power, harmonic to the (3rd) solar plexus, etc. Pleasure to any depth can become addictive if it is not lifted into the crucible of the heart.

This is most obvious sexually where there can be a physiological addiction to the sexual hormones but less obviously the depth of activity or focus in the sacral chakra defines the area of  potential entrapment (as well as potential bliss). One can become ‘addicted’ to television or various foods, etc.  if the pleasure is not lifted.

Too often folks  respond by consciously or unconsciously  cutting  off or detouring  the life flow around the sacral chakra. The physical effects are fairly obvious; besides possible prostrate/ovary complications the lungs become congested a ‘false’ fire rises in the heart,  one becomes dry physiologically as well as spiritually

It’s interesting that people are often  concerned with the dangers associated with awakening the kundalini; it can be dangerous without spiritual maturity and balance. But few mention the dangers of not proceeding  consciously; this is a good example. The ‘river of life’ and  spiraling currents  we speak about on this site are flowing in everyone and awakened to a certain degree in all of you who find your way here and remain to read. It’s a question of degree and balance; the areas of difficulty in ones life relate to an imbalance and/or partial blockage in these currents at the points you call chakras. It’s a literal refraction pattern that is expressed in your external world; the holographic model so often used is fairly accurate for expressing this external manifestation.

Past is not a time nor is it events; it is the pattern that produces those events, and will continue to replicate those events untill the underlying pattern is changed.  The manifestations in your life do not change until the underlying patterns are at least balanced and ‘symmetricized’. We better stop here, we’re making up words; a chakra can be too open in relation to your micro universe (the third chakra for example in relation to your heart and other chakras) as well as too constricted, that’s why we speak of balance and symmetry.  Having a wonderful life doesn’t have to be put on hold  untill every ‘samskara’ subtle block is washed away. The more conscious you become the more elegant and joyful your life can become as you remove blocks and balance the rivers of life.  And, as many of you know, It’s fun. And as you express more of who you are and participate in the Great Work, it’s great fun.

Why talk to your yesterdays? Your kundalini is awakened,  her journey through  (not to)  the thousand petaled lotus  is underway. The danger is not with this life current, rather it lies in ignoring or avoiding out of fear or misunderstanding. Each of you has a unique pattern that needs to be addressed and balanced. Certainly there can be damage done to the physical and etheric by "forcing" or manipulating the currents by unbalanced technologies of breath taught by those who themselves lack balance and realization as well as some pharmaceauticals used without descretion. The key is always balance and an allowing of the natural flow that is awakening in all of you; the key to alchemy, external or internal, is always this balance.

The balanced flow through the sacral rising to the crucible of the heart (and obviously beyond with the conjuction addressed in this 4th step) is essential for the  transformation.  Indeed it is essential for good health and longevity and as we work together the tendency to manifest in creation, not only on the physical plane, but also on the "subtle" planes, demonstrating in the creations of art and beauty, as well as objective manifestation of new scientific principles in the fields of, healing. etc. (2nd-5th-6th)

5.FERMENTATION, the fifth step, is a two-stepped process  This phase begins with the introduction of new life  to strengthen  and insure  survival and culminates with the lifting of the new feminine/masculine  "child" from the Conjunction  to a new level of being. Chemically, Fermentation is the growth of a ferment  in organic solutions, such as occurs in the fermenting of milk to produce curds and cheese or in the fermenting of grapes to make wine.

Inwardly the Fermentation process starts with the inspiration of spiritual power from above that reanimates, energizes, and enlightens; thus comes the ‘golden ferment’, which appears like a flowing golden wax . This can be achieved through various  means that include deep meditation, intense prayer, desire for mystical union,  transpersonal therapy,  and a direct connection beyond whom we think ourselves to be at any given point. Living inspiration from something totally beyond us.

 Fermentation is the rousing or lifting of the  ‘river of life’ through the crucible of the heart and into the throat chakra. It is expressed as vibratory tones and spoken truths emerging from the Throat or Mercury Chakra.

6. DISTILLATION is the sixth step. Chemically, it is the boiling and condensation of the solution to increase its purity.

Inwardly distillation is the “agitation and sublimation” of psychic forces necessary to ensure that no impurities from the negative ego or   submerged subconscious are incorporated into the next and final stage.  The subconscious becomes more conscious and becomes a powerful ally in this transformational process. Personal Distillation consists of a variety of introspective techniques that raise the content of the psyche to the highest level possible, free from sentimentality and conditioned emotional responses.   Distillation is the purification of the Self; all that we truly are and can be.

Physiologically, Distillation is raising the life force repeatedly from the lower regions in the cauldron of the body to the brain, where it eventually becomes a wondrous solidifying light full of power. Distillation is said to culminate in the Third Eye area of the forehead, at the level of the pituitary  gland, in the Brow.  A continual connection is established between the heart and ajna, between love and wisdom.

This important  Distillation process is refered to in the Emerald Tablet “     It rises from Earth to Heaven, and then it descends again to the Earth, and receives Power from Above and from Below . Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World.  "

7. COAGULATION is the seventh  step. Chemically, coagulation is the precipitation of the purified gold from Distillation. The gold which had been transmuted into subtler form now has condensed during the distillation process and here precipitates or “descends again to the Earth” as a purified liquid.

Inwardly Coagulation  is a second body of golden coalesced light, a permanent vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations and evolution of mind.   The body of golden light was also referred to in High Alchemy as the Greater or Philosopher’s Stone. "Some people may be interested to know more about the whereabouts of the (Philosphers) Stone. The place where it was first revealed became the foundation of Shambhala, and it intensified the chemical significance of the Abode.... You already know about certain guardians who have particles of this Stone, and you can confirm how the Stone reveals itself. You will be astonished to know how many different countries and heroes are connected with it, and how many great deeds were inspired by the legends pertaining to it." Supermundane - The Inner Life

In mundane alchemy various external preparations were called by this same name, promising everything, shiny bobbles, with the  plan that the seeker would eventually mature to realize the “place where the true Stone, the Philosophers Stone, lies”.  A heroic journey that does not take place in an external setting (either lab or mountain top)  or culminate with any external elixir or powder.

Spiritual currents balanced, endocrine system awakened in ways never seen here, brain transformed: structurally transformed, nervous system refined and strenghthened, transformation all the way down to the cellular level, to the cell walls and nuclei. And one thing more.

There are alchemical formulations that help facilitate these transformations, the Golden Seed along with others which will be made available within this process (always keeping in mind wherein the true philosophers stone resides) can be most helpful.  There are cycles in time when greater ease is available, when more is available energetically; as the living Being that is Earth undergoes her transformation. Now is such a time. Now is always such a time but this now is uniquely a window of opportunity for all of you.

Using this Greater Stone, this awakened body of golden light, the high alchemists  could remain conscious  on all levels of reality. Continuity of consciousness. Three words that point to something so very important; a deep secret hidden in the open.

Continuity of Consciousness. Key to true freedom in all the worlds.

Physiologically, this stage is marked by the release of the internal Elixir in the blood that rejuvenates the body into a perfect vessel of health. This heavenly food  nourishes and energizes the cells without any waste products being produced. It is these 7 steps that create the body of ‘solid’ light that emerges through the Crown or Gold Chakra.

From the Emerald Tablet:  “Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World. All Obscurity will be clear to you (remaining fully conscious, multi dimensionally awake). This is the strong Power of all Power because it overcomes everything fine and penetrates everything solid.”

Traditionally that would be the final step in the process (the 7 major steps can  be further sub-divided  into 14; same process, more detailed description) . However , as described  on our technical page we proceed with additional steps which include the use of scalar waves and specific frequencies of sound and light.

We use 'laser sound beams' in creating many of our high frequency formulations, including the ORMEs powder.  These sound beams pulsed rhythmically and on certain keys can accomplish extraordinary  results. Ultimately sound as well as color, for each sound has a corresponding hue, and vice versa,  are movements of force impeded to a greater or greatly lesser degree by the material being moved through. (We say "greatly lesser" because if there were no impedence there would be no sound or color.) A note or chord on the causal plane is 'heard' (sounds) quite different than that same chord on the mental plane or on the physical, based on the impedence, or resistance of that plane to the force streaming through.

There are combinations of these sound beams, streaming living chords, if you will, that unlock the mystery of the planes (and even the specific subplanes) on the five planes of human evolution. Each plane vibration responds to a different key and note, and its matter is manipulated, and its current tapped, by the sounding of certain  chords (made up of audible and ultra-audible notes) in a specific manner, and in a specific tone.  When subatomic particles are struck by a stream of ultrasonic frequencies the  bond which holds those particles together is disrupted. A type of positive disintegration occurs and the energy from the vibratory source (be it sound, properly focused light or a powerfully focused mind stream)  is absorbed by the particles. The particles are transformed into a new substance; born of this 'new' alchemy.
© 1995, 2000, 2001  ASC International. All rights reserved. No part of these pages or original theoretical data may be reproduced in any form, electronic or mechanical, without written approval from ASC International. This is freely given to individual explorers, we only clarify the legal protection of patents pending and copyright of original research and theories derived from same.

There are ways of focusing sound waves analagous to focusing light waves in a lasar beam, Below are  pictures showing the structures that specific sounds create in a liquid medium. Obviously these are not two dimensional, indeed they are not three dimensional but rather multidimensional geometric patterns, or forms.

"Sound, light, vibration, and the form merge, and thus the work is one; It proceeds under the law." The law here refers to one of the laws  of creation and manifestation. This holds true for a planatery logos creating and manifesting a world, a true magician creating and manifesting a thoughtform or a high alchemist creating and manifesting a transformational formulation.

Potency produces precipitation.

Consciousness is transformed by exposure to higher frequencies; our primary formulations and the pure powder formulated through the octaves, hold the higher frequencies that are precipitated  in this alchemical process which is both ancient and new.

Frequency correspondence to the human body

Included in this 'new' alchemy is something we greatly enjoy, working with-crystals. We are not speaking of a New Age trend; crystals are conscious life forms evolving along their unique spiral of evolution that share this planet with humanity.

Crystal consciousness is obviously very different than human consciousness in form and function, however they are very willing to work together with us for the betterment of the planet. Just as science harnessed the exoteric use of crystals in lasers to focus and distribute light, and more; magicians  harness  and demonstrate the esoteric aspects; . along with other qualities crystals hold, focus and release energy

Just as some ‘realized’members of the human kingdom, and beyond, have taken form to assist with the birth of a new dream; similarily Ancient Ones of the crystal kingdom are awakening and reawakening. Some large crystals are being discovered in caves already cut and polished. Repositories of light in formation; deposited to assist. We work with large crystals in grid configurations, many crystals in specific geometric spatial relationship (sacred geometry if you will) acting as one. They impart their unique spiritual gifts to the formulating process; a very joyful part of this process indeed.

Along with considerations of the process in space is the formulating in time. It is so easy to dismiss time, with now well known and popular scientific and mystical insights,  as unreal, “time is an illusion”. The important missing part of that equation is that time is a manifest illusion. Who we all are on “higher” levels created time as a vehicle of evolution to utilize on this plane; as we forgot we became slaves of time, trapped within time. Transformation does not take place in time (although the effects are seen in time).

But the preparation for transformation takes place in this self created evolutionary time, the preparation is an invitation, an evocation.  The ability to 'hold' the transformation, to demonstrate the greater wisdom, love and power here comes of this preparation; you are preparing a recepticle.

As a vehicle of evolution time is like a spiral river with ebbs and flows. The true alchemists understood that time unfolded with repeated patterns  (cycles within cycles, from cosmic in duration to minicycles within a day) that had certain qualities that were imparted during the formulation process.

They gave these minicycles  various names depending on their spiritual heritage but regardless of the nomenclature they understood THAT THE SAME ALCHEMICAL FORMULATION CREATED DURING ONE CYCLE WOULD HAVE DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE QUALITIES FROM A SIMILAR FORMULATION CREATED DURING ANOTHER CYCLE. We are not speaking of mundane lunar returns here but rather cycles within cycles; the short cycles having a direct harmonic relationship to the longer cycles and both having harmonic relationship to vast cycles of time. They studied and came to know the qualities of these minicycles and passed this down as an important part of the heritage of alchemy.

Heating for example should conform to minutely defined time cycles. This system,  allows an alchemist to perform in a relatively short time the same work that Nature would achieve in thousands of years -- in other words, to accelerate the rhythms of Nature.
Once time is known as a self created vehicle of evolution it can be expanded and contracted.

Intensity x duration=effect

Intensity has nothing to do with tension, but a good deal to do with consciousness; focused awareness in the moment and through the moment. With greater intensity less duration is needed to achieve a goal. Science defines elegance as the least amount of energy producing the greatest amount of force.

Time then is utilized to assist the adept to go beyond time. The steps beyond the traditional 7 or 12 step process are used to assist the adept to go beyond process.

With that brief background of some of the aspects of the formulating process we want to clarify a most important principle of Alchemy, ancient and new: the most important aspect of the alchemical process is the alchemist ; the state of consciousness of the alchemist, the state of realization of the alchemist as they create your  formulation. Your unique formulation. Alchemy does not create through velocity and mass, but rather through energy and force.

An alchemical formulation is not like buying a vitamin or a herb for this or that concern. The state of consciousness, the state of realization of the alchemist is paramount.

Assistance certainly doesn't mean offering dependency. Like this: your traveling into new territory  and a friend has gone ahead and then offers assistance-"be careful crossing this ravine, that way leads to a dead end", etc. Walking together, obviously not carrying you; your not children, we would never address you as such.

There are steps along the way that can be uncomfortable and easy to get “caught” in; for example there is a point where you feel squeezed, almost like a tube of toothpaste. There is a build-up of pressure and a seeming tightening of  specific chakras with corresponding biological effects; the tendency is to back off (down in this case) where it is ‘warm’ open and comfortable. In this example what is happening relates to pressure equalization and the small blood vessels in the head, it is an appropriate protective mechanism that takes place between levels of consciousness.

When understood these times can be moved through safely,elegantly, and directly; if not understood you can keep moving to the point of discomfort and repeatedly backing off. This is just one example of what we call 'Divine Discomfort' that needs be gone through, or one moves to the point of discomfort and then backs off to a familiar comfortable place; for weeks, for years, for a lifetime. You can see how some of the commonly held attitudes and misconceptions of the consensus new age can deter. Assistance may be needed but you must make the choice, when you come to one of these crossroads (certainly you are not all at such a point now, but they do come for all at some point and are misunderstood) to move through.

A true alchemists purpose and passion is to serve, one needs to tune in the moment and speak to them on numerous levels, “not just with words, not just with voice” to paraphrase an old saying.  Each Golden Seed formulation is created uniquely for the individual. Within the dance of the 7 steps plus,  the formulation becomes unique.

This transformation takes place on multi-levels; if we called one gross and one subtle we would not be worthy of your trust. If we assisted you beyond the world of form to leave you trapped in the formless we would not be worthy of your trust. The balance of light and substance (corresponding to the ascending and descending currents spiraling around the center channel) is necessary for the implosion that heralds a new beginning, a Greater Light

True alchemy was never  an intellectual exercise or a technical  discipline.  It was a spiritual path whereby alchemists were intimately involved in their experiments and knew their thoughts and feelings were actual forces that could influence the results.   A view of the power of consciousness, the crucial relationship between observer and experiment, which physicists now  understand and accept.


Preparation for The Golden Seed  includes completing octaves 1-3 of White powder gold.

[quote from the ascension assistance page]… The combination  the pure white powder gold. rhodium and iridiumn in proper ratio taken through the octaves effects the clearing out of the underlying sources of ill health, which are samskaras (subtle blocks/ imbalances) in the subtle bodies that precipitate into physicality. These samskaras are themselves repeated in octaves on the different levels, and need to be removed thusly.  Removing these only in the etheric, or focusing only on the electro-magnetic, will improve but not remove the underlying cause of disease.

This is why simple one-product-cures-all, even when working on subtle levels, may bring temporary improvement only to see a re-establishment of the condition in time. The true “blueprint” is not only in the DNA, the etheric or electromagnetic, it is literally multi-dimensional and must be addressed so. Results are apparent from the beginning, you will feel the difference.  But the deeper aspects of the ascension process, which correspond to lasting health; physical, psychological, and spiritual, takes place through the clearing of these levels.

As one goes through the octaves and the blockages (traditionally called samskaras) are washed away more light is able to flow throughout your bodies unencumbered. If finances allow it's a good idea to take Crysalis 8 and the plant based Best along with the powder (check Guidelines before you order for clarification)

The Golden Seed is not monatomic or diatomic white powder. It does not clear or heal as does the White powder gold, it contains no m-state elements. Different process; It acts upon the 'walls' of the atoms  and effects the rotary and vibratory action while stimulating the inner fire of the atoms and causing their light to shine with increasing brilliancy.  The atomic spirals are all gradually brought into play. Ultimately the Golden Seed transformational process is not about fixing anything. It is not about becoming a better person; It is about becoming a new kind of person.

Rather; birthing a new dream, opening up new possibilities for you and your planet and bringing them into probabilities to precipitate into your shared reality.

[Metamorphosis; a beautiful word.]
A butterfly is not a "fixed" catepillar.
A butterfly is not a better catepillar.
Something totally new emerges from the chrysalis.
The process begins with hormonal changes in the catepillar......Or does it?
The process begins with a dream that initiates the hormonal changes.....Or does it?
High alchemy needs address all levels.
[Metamorphosis; an exquisite reality.]

Some of the things we’ll activate together have not been  codified in any of the Great Traditions.  They are real, and have  definitive etheric and physical reflections that can be seen and felt. The changes brought about are very real and identifiable but the maps have yet to be made.

In that process your identification changes. We said changes, not ‘died’ or merged. Becoming as One does not mean losing all identification and merging into some blended mush of homogenious sameness

The concept of an ‘end’ where one dissolves into some homogeneous something is quite limited from our perspective; you can become ‘caught’ in a formless world just as you can become caught in a world of form.  When the nervous system and the brain is overloaded one goes into a trance state; a kind of a ‘melt down’ whereby one  may experience a state of bliss that “melts” into a merged state of  Being. The crown of many of the Great Traditions.

One outcome of the Golden Seed process together with the pure powder is a greater capacity  to hold the increased speed and intensity of the light resonance. Instead of dissolving in a sea of  bliss  you may experience yourself as lifting to a silent radiant focus of light; simultaneously being a unique radiant focus and  as One with All That Is.  Oneness contains diversity;  unified  diversity if you will, being as One.

Magnificient It is revealed uniquely in myriad forms; clear, evident, It is encountered in all things. Like a beautiful work of art, a lovely statue of pure gold; its goldeness is evident, its uniqueness makes it all the more precious. The statue cannot know, you can: at One, Being as One and also unique. Your uniqueness need not separate you, indeed it makes you all the more precious.

The merge so often sought and written about may well take place  prior to this state when the form (the quality of the brain, the nervous system, indeed the cellular structure) is not yet able to “hold” the bounty of living loving Source.  It's like a series of  cosmic wombs with birth canals between, each womb seems like the Ultimate until the developed capacity to hold a higher light resonance enables one to....not conducive to linear written expression but you get the idea.  The difference between participating consciously in the Great Work  or blended into a banana smoothy  (for a timeless while anyway).

Easy to say, not so easy for the banana. The ease doesn't come with spiritual technology: compassion gives birth to divine will (small 'd' at this point) and that lays the foundation for your "liftment" beyond the banana smoothy. Not the whole story but the foundation; without compassion 'you can't get there from here'. If you think you lack compassion.....we would only say, how very wrong you are. It's easy at this point to see the skuzz, your magnificience though, who you more truly are and why you are more truly here is still hidden from many of you. At this point your magnificience is harder to face then the good ol' skuzz. If you think you lack compassion.....we would only say, from our view point, how very wrong you are.

The Golden Seed transformation offers an elegant way to step into a larger context, a much more inclusive identification as you  begin to live in a whole new world; indeed you participate in the birth of that new world. As one journey ends, another  begins.

This is not  ‘one size fits all’, each of you is unique. Bankei suggested: “ Each of the words and sayings uttered by  worthy  teachers  of the past was given in response to a particular occasion, according to changing conditions. If you chase after phrases and get muddled up in words your no better off then a person who loses their gold over the side of a moving ship and then marks the spot where it fell in the ocean on the railing”. We concur, the formulation needs to be personal, the transformational process  needs to be imparted personally in the moment.  A ‘living’ process speaking to each ones unique point of departure to assist with  their next step;  as  a friend along the Way.

Additional notes in response to queries

We update this section in response to your questions so bookmark and check back now and then; often a second or third reading, with time between to let things "percolate"  will clarify or bring a greater depth of "knowing"

The "one thing more" refers to the third ventricle of the brain, the secret lies "not in the waters but in the air". The Seed formulas  effect on this part of the brain (and corresponding centers ), never really addressed in the esoteric literature, is responsible for many of the physical changes a number of you have noted.

We use the word Precipitation so often to describe not only the alchemical process, but also the process of manifestation. For what you create in the "heavens" Precipitates as surely as the rain falls. But precipitates where? Into your world?  In our early letters we speak of  the basics of wise attention--rather than unconsciously giving attention to what you do not want--imagination married to will  ( the two are inseparable), and the value of your positive emotions as propulsion-- you step into and "live" it, taste it, feel it. You know the basics yet your Dreams so often do not seem to Precipitate into your reality.  So we work together to make 'space', to give your Dreams dimension--height width depth-- breadth as well as living breath, and the sometimes missing ingredient of inclusiveness.
It goes: origin--you in this case-your thoughts/emotions [one movement when observed, with the thought bringing forth the emotion] so:
thought/emotion--potency--quality of that potency--precipitation. One can replace the origin with that force which precedes thought--in other words un-self-ish precipitation from silence. This 'equation' just a seeding to ponder for the phone  (and physical/mountain)  gatherings  where we go deeper and indeed precipitate together for your world, those you love, and yourSelf.

The hormones associated with and released during sexual intercourse  are important in the sense that they can and should be brought up the spinal column (this can happen quite  physically, there is a channel in the spinal column) where they literally feed your brain and cause the release of other biochemicals important to longevity as well as the rainbow body. If you are celibate or Brahmacharaya it is important not to "dry up" or avoid out of fear; if you do not fall into this trap then you can become God/Goddesses lover in a very pure way. If you have a partner then do begin to work with one of the methods so available now that addresses this, Tantra, etc. Either way it is all too easy to get lost- some of you have done so for lifetimes-these hormones can become addictive-physically addictive- so proceed in a balanced manner.
Many of you are aware that you "share" the karma (we will use that word here for ease of communication) of the person you have sexual intercourse with; If we said-"take on" for a time-it would not be inaccurate.  The time is longer than you may think.  Please choose wisely with a feeling of affection as the relationships foundation. We're quite happy your mores no longer consider one living their life alone as being an old maid or the male equivalent, freeing you from the pressure of making bad choices. Alone is not lonely; that ultimately is about your relationship with the Divine. We always have "singles" parties on Christmas and New Years and an etheric brunch on valentines day and you don't have to even walk out your front door to join us. Alone is not lonely, we love you. (please do not call the office asking about 'the new years party', they get mad at us [fs].)

Different "laws" apply on different dimensions. Classical physics on the physical plane, quantum mechanics as one goes into the etheric, aspects of string theory into the mental, etc. We would not call astrology a science as much as a language, a means of communicating relationship. Your chart if properly perceived is a "picture" of your chakras--where the samskaras (subtle blocks)  exist on the different levels/depths of your chakras. You live and breath and have your being within a grand Being, the solar system Being, if you will, and the planets are part of their "body". So, rather than "predict" and use the information to manipulate and avoid difficulty
( indeed whole schools of philisophy and dare we say religion are sourced on attempting to manipulate energies in order to avoid...) But rather by seeing the chart/picture  one can perceive where to balance and ultimately remove obstructions in ones own being so the relationship with the greater Being is harmonious Would you call that "surrendering" to a greater power? We would call it universal etiquette-- and wisdom.

We have mentioned that the chakras have a 12x12matrix; each chakra contains 12 depths and each depth is a harmonic to one of the 12 chakras. A 12 note scale with 12 harmonics resonating from each primary. The fourth depth to the first chakra (relating to security) has to do with issues of security around love (harmonic to the fourth chakra) for example. It's quite possible for an individual chakra to be spinning and vivefied on certain levels, or depths and to be sluggish and "wobbly" on others. As you can see then kundalini is not singular, it gets more refined as it flows through greater depths of chakra. Fire itself can be divided to bring deeper understanding. Fire by friction--rotary motion: Solar Fire--spiral cyclic motion: Electric Fire--forward progressive motion. The greater the depth the cooler the fire. [The fire in the center of the triangle burns cold, and destroys all that is not pure gold.]   Problems occur when this divine complexity is not addressed or properly understood and 'seen'. Additionally  each of the chakras has a counterpart within the head that also corresponds to a part of the physical brain. It is in the linking up of the chakra with its counterpart in the head that illumination comes and the spritual endocrinology, the new hormonal secretions that we began to speak of in the Rainbow Body section are initiated. Just as the 7 major chakras correspond with a planet in your solar system (heart with venus, base with saturn, etc.) the 7 head centers correspond with the seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear. As the One in whom you live awakens their "centers" at this time, which you consider to be heavenly bodies, your corresponding centers are activated. Approaching this simply brings difficulty of attainment; with an understanding of the divine complexity comes ease of attainment  that ultimately becomes effortless. [excerpt from ASC letters © 1990]

As the current flows naturally up the center channel it blends with the 'pranic fire' at a point near the shoulder blades and the chakra centers become 3 dimensional, this has occured for all of you. When this current blends and is balanced with the solar fire of the mind at the alta major chakra the centers become 4th dimensional ; when with the electric fire of Spirit at the crown chakra the centers become 5th and then 6th dimensional. The chakras above the head, the soul star etc. continue this journey. Paradoxically a realization of unity will differ depending on the dimension you are functioning at in the moment.

it doesn't do a whole lot of good understanding that any effort, any movement creates time/space and brings one into duality unless you live "before" the effort/movement 25 hours a day. To many grasp the truth but do not live it and end up stagnating for a life time. think of it like going to the gym, or a brisk walk by the ocean-exercising your  muscles, your heart, your lungs. working with various pranayam, breathing exercises, sound inner or outer etc. can be the same. it can build the spiritual "muscles" that enable you to "hold" beyond the beyond. certainly alchemy can assist here as well. The mystic merges in the Light, the High Alchemist continuously emerges from the Light.

You cannot truly move beyond something you cannot do. Here again the simple answer is deceptive; people use various techniques to move beyond thought, for example, once they see the value of such. But there is silence and there is Silence. One becomes stagnant and indeed leaves you vulnerable and perhaps mindless; a void often filled with some channelled entity claiming to take you....or the latest technological fix.... while the other is the gateway to non linear knowing and deeper wisdom: being mindful.

Southern India to Himalayan "school": the Ocean
From South America to Trans Himalayan "school": dividing the Ocean for Service.
So where's the problem?
You can get lost either way, You can be found either way.
Same Ocean.

We still occasionally get calls from people asking if our formulations will help them astral travel, etc. It always surprises us at this point. There is so much more available to you now. You can participate in the birth of a new dream; a Virgin Dream that has never been.  As you step into more of who you are you can literally co-create with God, with Goddess, more than create you can participate in the manifestation of that creation here.  This is great fun, but fun to be taken seriously, don't miss an opportunity to participate in this grand adventure by selling yourself short or accepting a limiting dream that ends in a comfortable cal-de-sac. It's not time to settle for a warm bath and a quart of Hagen-daz. When we invite you to travel with us we are quite sincere; but certainly not to travel to the astral or some bubble loci on the 5th dimension. You can participate in a grand adventure and in that participation, a new level of service, you elegantly step into more of who you really are...and more of who you really are...and...  All receive in order to give. There is so much more available to you now.

"An experiment is now being made to shift the focus of the groups inwards and yet, at the same time, to increase their potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group centre upon the outer plane. All in the group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together they will learn; together they will stand with impersonality; together they will render service to the world." From all religions and spiritual traditions they will gather, honoring each- transcending all-diversity as the foundation of unity. No individual leader and no permanent external gathering "place"- they will remain in the world-in every country-in every walk of life. Yet gather they will in the (more real) inner planes, far beyond the glamour of the astral - and in cyber experiment is now being made.

The term prana tends to be oversimplified in your books and that has brought up questions in our discussions, so we clarify a bit here.
[There are times when we use Sanscript words, such as samskaras and prana simply because the vocabularly exists there to more clearly define and explain terms; if we were discussing snow we would turn to one of the Eskimo dialects. They  have the vocabularly to clarify refinements  in "snow": dry and powdery, wet and heavy, etc. In this case Sanscript is useful to clarify the refinements of prana which is fivefold in its manifestations]. The five differentiations of prana in the human body are:
1. Prana, extending from the nose to the heart and having special relation to the mouth and speech, the heart and lungs.
2. Samana extends from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and the nourishing of the body through the medium of food and drink and has special relation to the stomach.
3. Apana controls from the solar plexus to the soles of the feet; it concerns the organs of elimination, of rejection and of birth, thus having special relation to the organs of generation and of elimination.
4. Upana is found between the nose and the top of the head; it has a special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces the coordination of the vital airs and their correct handling.
5. Vyana is the term applied to the sum total of pranic energy as it is distributed evenly throughout the entire body.  Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it has a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins and arteries.

Yes, mercury was traditionally the alchemical key, but a misunderstood key not referring to mercury as you know it. One of the richest traditions was/is found in  Taoist  alchemy in China which is centered on cinnabar (yang). The mercury contained within cinnabar (representing the yin principle contained within yang) is extracted and newly added to sulphur (yang). This process performed nine times  yields an elixir embodying the luminous qualities of Pure Yang. The capital "Y" represents the One before its separation into the two complementary principles yin/yang. The final object of external and internal alchemy is represented as the preparation of an elixir usually defined as huandan ("elixir of source- return"). This  denotes an elixir obtained by bringing the ingredients back to their original condition through repeated cyclical operations -- an external  operation reflecting  the internal process that the adept performs within her/himself with the support of the alchemical practice. The 'exercise" we've given some of you spiraling through the ascending and descending currents  is an internal expression of this repeated alchemical cycle to derive the "elixir of source-return". Where could such an elixir be found?.......right. High alchemy always rises from the foundation understanding that the external processes are reflections, that the external elixirs are temporary means.

Some of you have asked about our use of the word 'synthesis'. The Golden Seed process is one of Synthesis. Synthesis is union through identification, ultimately with All That Is, but the ‘way’ is also one of identification rather than through  the realization or vision of the Great Traditions. Through vision one can see the Divine, through realization one can know the Divine. The way of Synthesis takes one from becoming to pure being that gives birth to a new level of becoming opening to a greater beingness. Words are awkward here, “greater beingness” is not really descriptive but the point here is the opening to a more inclusive identification in a very real way that is demonstrated in ones daily life.

Demonstrated. Interestingly boundaries are important here; they are part of identification are they not? Through this way of synthesis a radiant focus replaces constricting boundaries. This positive boundary is needed to avoid prematurely dissolving in beingness. (Remember the series of wombs?). Although this premature dissolving causes a rather rarified stagnation that seems beyond time and space, in fact it is between time and space and such entrapements can be so comfortable that the call of freedom is no longer heard. Certainly there is Essence. Essence of All That Is; from which all comes forth. Comes forth now. However there is also essence with a small 'e' of the astral, essence of the mental plane, etc., these are the traps, though not seen as such, that we are addressing. They need to be addressed before you get caught, because from within  they are not seen as traps. So we plant seeds and help prepare for a grand adventure. [excerpts from ASC letter #12 © 1995]

" to a more inclusive identification in a very real way that is demonstrated in ones daily life." In ones daily life. In your daily life. As you come to know the process of creation and manifestation you become responsible you are doing that now.  You are creating every moment, participating in the global creation. But who is you? We would suggest you are circles within circles, as you become more conscious the circle expands; you become More of who you truly are. The sculpture is creating from the medium of clay, the underlying ''medium" of harmonious creation is one of  loving conscious interconnectiveness. "You create your own reality" can and has been quite misused; mr. topper and friends make some good points despite the bad artwork- you are here to free yourself and a planet, not be lulled to sleep.

Creation and manifestation are not the 'same thing'; all-is-one takes you to the mystical union but beyond the mystic Being a new kind of differentiation is born as you become the Magician. Simultaneously knowing union and differentiation, knowing there is differentiation within union.  As you become aware that you are creating every moment from the "raw material" available to you--and become responsible for your creations now; aware of----awareness. As you begin to live with that awareness the process of manifesting those creations here becomes evident, perhaps with a little loving assistance. That moment to moment awareness of continuous creating and taking responsibility for the state of consciousness you are creating from in each now is the foundation. The beginning of High Magic, as you step into More of who you are.

Order can be liberating or imprisoning. As you become more, what was once liberating can become imprisoning, perhaps a comfortable prison.  Chaos often precedes change; but it need not be difficult or painful. It becomes so when you resist chaos; then it comes in the form of a crisis that forces you out of your present state  and leads  to change. It is natural to resist chaos when you (finally) have a piece of peace. But the chaos that always comes eventually can lead to a deeper more profound peace. If you learn to embrace chaos, to dance with chaos, it can be joyful. A wild joy that leads to greater depth and expansion. It's the resistance/avoidance that becomes crisis down the road. Ultimately being and becoming are one; but to live that way we invite you to understand, to embrace, to  dance with chaos. Again, easy to say- words- but the understanding needs to be more than intellectual and  emotional , rather down to the cellular level. That's why alchemy, High Alchemytm, addresses the mental and emotional, of course, but also the cellular.

As you move to this point the spiritual metamorphosis we speak of, the ascension process, is not just about you becoming Light; it's about Light  becoming you (remember the distinction we made together on the Rainbow Body page between light and Light). Light becoming you.  There's a creative secret in that process.

As the alchemist (the alchemist we speak to now is you) becomes adept at changing the rate of vibration they learn the secrete of form shattering and building. Creation is preceded by the destroying of that which "does not suffice", which no longer suffices. For some of you, at this point, the phrase "the form does not suffice" stirs depths beyond the words.  For the form does indeed no longer suffice;  the necessity for transformation is not an abstract concept  and you damn well don't want to hear a bunch of new age or old age platitudes. Hope may have diminished and you may even have looked toward the destroying of form, really seeking deep transformation. Not all  reading here, of course, but we wanted to speak to those of you. Let's try another way.

We are not speaking of a state of Becoming nor of the enlightened state of Being of your Great Traditions of non-duality- rather a 'new' way to live; new "states" need new maps and are paradoxical when pointed to with neat little markings scrolling across your computer screen. A new way of living; and without a "new" body you will not be able to live this-to "hold" this that we are pointing to with our bad grammer. As a species, humanity, is more able to 'hold' and focus Love, but look what you have done with the other divine attributes, such as power....thus alchemy, the Seed, to address the reality, the metaphysical reality yes, but also to address the physical reality so the stress on the biological forms you presently inhabitat- the stress brought about by stepping into this new way of living and the raw clear Power pulsing through the nervous system, the neuronal circuitry of your brain, is known as the 'beyond-bliss' it is. The metamorphosis has to encompass the body, dismissing it as an illusion (it is your manifest illusion) -seeking to go beyond it, to escape from it's've done that map, and you will not be able to "hold" This mystery. Let's try another Way.

Love Is
Power you have to demonstrate you will use responsibly
True power not the controll and manipulation prevalent here during this 'in-between' time
Power you have to demonstrate you will use responsibly
Love Is

She is Love with Power: the current of life
and that beautiful long black hair

Love is always the foundation in this universe. Indeed  the foundation of the alchemy we speak to is transmuting base emotions [lead], into Love [gold]. In time, as we travel together, there will be no need for transmutation as Love is seen as inherent in the 'base' emotions and that very consciousness releases that  Love in the moment.....
that very consciousness  releases the inherent Love in the moment.

Love is always the foundation however without Will your creations do not manifest in your life; in your world. Love plus Will births true Power. Suppressing your will often leads to exhaustion, and  to the tendency to attempt to stay out of the body so as not to feel the intensity of emotions that naturally occur; this fear of intense emotion and misunderstanding of true detachment leads to out of body stagnation... As goes will so goes choice; and ultimately that's all we need to create a dream here. Diminishing will decreases the horizon of your choices. Expanding will broadens the horizon of our choices, on both "ends" so a More wondrous dream can be seen, can be reached for.....And your creations, your heart creations founded in Love, in this Power, can become manifestations. Material success? Yes; but so much more. Your sweet hopes and dreams for you and your world. Those in Washington are not giving birth to the new world; nor the IMF or WTO or the families, by any name, cloistered in their halls of power. They have had their day. It is your day now. You don't have to know the name and address of every "lord of misunderstanding"  human  or other, their day is coming to an end. You do have to know your true name /address and know your day is dawning. Sunrise of your day; dawn.

Choiceless awareness you say?--the act of will fragments--quite so--but we are talking about both "sides"--prior it is alchemy--beyond it is High Alchemy™--there is no beyond Until you are touched from There by the children playing, by the children dying.
will as dry discipline can fragment-- will that flows from imagination and caring--that flows from compassion--call it what you like--the Will of God--or a higher octave of Love--is something else again.

The mystic merges in the Light; pure Beingness.. The High Alchemist continuously  emerges from the Light. The "closer" to the Source of All That Is  (or indeed the source of anything) the more elegant and magical changes can be wrought. With a sweep of your hand. The problem is you don't have a hand  or anything else; forms naturally dissolve and merge as one approaches Essence. And change itself , the movement from what is, Beingness, to....anything... takes one back 'down' into time and space. The merging  is a whole lot easier than the continuously emerging, that's really where the Will we're talking about comes in, the emerging from...
And a fierce Love. High Alchemy is born of the fruit of mysticism, from Being Essence. It is a paradox from which nothing could possibly be born, but is. The danger for the magician acting prior to this realization is being caught in illusion; the danger for the mystic is being caught in a high (seemingly) "ultimate" delusion that leads to stagnation.  Doesn't seem relevant to your life? At some point it Will.  We're not trying to be cute, just planting seeds. The mystic merges in the Light; The High Alchemist continuously  emerges from the Light. [excerpt from ASC letter #12© 1995]

As we travel together into less "charted " territory we suggest you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater (that saying has always fascinated us.) We are speaking of the traps or cubby holes taught by the Great Traditions here, detours that will catch you in limited time/space and squeeze out the joy waiting at the edge of your reality: Jealousy, Anger, Pride, Indifference, Lack of awareness, Trapped  in convoluted selfish desire, Abuse of power, Desire to be right , and Attachment..... You can be trapped in desire by making the "stuff"  cars cash jewels and cuban cigars either too real or you can get trapped by not making it real enough. A shallow false detachment is sometimes the trap of indifference. The opposite of love is not hate, the opposite of love is indifference, is apathy. Become aware when you are caught in one  of these cubby holes. each one has a specific correspondance to a point in the etheric body, a congested area. Jealousy, Anger, Pride, Indifference, Lack of awareness, Trapped/caught  in convoluted desire, Abuse of power, Desire to be right , and Attachment. You can't afford to dally in such cubby holes any more.

Sirius, so important a factor in the spiritual growth of this living planet, of Gia, does not normally enter planetary life via the global vortex called Shamballa nor is it "filtered" by any of the very real sister/brotherhood 's whose joy it is to assist here (through the form of any group of pure hearted servers). As a gateway then that which streams through Sirius though circulated to the Pleiades, Great Bear and indeed throughout this universe also flows directly to Earth uniquely (for humanity) unfiltered. The direct vessel, the grail, then is your caring, the blending agent your compassion as you open, fill, and become a radiant focus of this  unpasteurized, ("raw") river of life, powerful unconditional Love. Much of the information and channeling regarding Sirius is less than accurate--fortunately you need no external "filter" of  information either--simply look up  deep in your night--connect and feel the beautiful blue stream of sustenance  filling you. Direct connection, direct knowing, your unselfish giving making room for evermore. A gateway for what? The silent mind is not the dull mind--thought is not the problem when dominion is---is in relation to the mental body. Pondering is a good thing [fs].

We wanted to include an example of  the plethorea of  really inaccurate information that is put forth about Sirius since it can sound so fascinating a way to get side-tracked....
>>.... lost knowledge of their primeval ancestry 7 billion years ago; emigrated to the Sirius star system and lost their ability to fight aggressors (by genetically eliminating this gene from themselves) & secretly bred new human races with diverse skin colors, manipulating their genes to fight, tending towards barbarism, greediness, addiction, emotionalism, etc. (the "original sin)".
Kinda sounds like they know something huh---time frames etc.
We do not know if this and so much one reads regarding Sirius is fabrication to "sell" some book/seminar/newage clearing technique or just astral beings playing with someones head. Again thank Goodness you do not have to believe us nor any such silliness. Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens--the symbolic meaning as well as the physical reality is clear--look up tune in and feel the Love and Support. The Goddess "blew" through that point in space when She created the wondrous bubble that is this universe--Her Love in its purest form, unconditional Love, can be felt flowing through that tri-star gateway. There is indeed a direct connection between Sirius and our Logos; however it is a connection of Love, support, and assistance. Why do we take so much time/space to clarify?-- for some of you it is your past, for some your future [one of the 12 sacred paths beyond your realized service here ] and for all of humanity it is a gateway for unconditional Love.

Way back at the beginning of this webpage we wrote: >>Past is not a time nor is it events; it is the pattern that produces those events, and will continue to replicate those events untill the underlying pattern is changed.  The manifestations in your life do not change until the underlying patterns are at least balanced and ‘symmetricized’. << You see you are pulsing yourself into reality now (from the timeless into time) "through" this pattern and then you unconsciously reach for the past that will create it and the future that extends from it, connecting the dots; you think the past is "done" solid, singular, but it is not. Think of intertwining rivers of time, of probable realities; when you shift the pattern you pulse into this reality changed, and you shift rivers. And your past changes as well as the possible  futures which are available to this newly patterned you. Happens all the time in mundane ways; the women who no longer sees that event as horrible and ruining her life; instead it made her stronger and contributed to her success. Same past you say? perhaps, just the river "next door". Depends on the degree of change in your pattern, greater change and more of a shift to that other intertwining river where the past event itself begins to change and whole new previously unseen possible futures open up to you.  [excerpt from ASC letter #12 © 1995]
.....and you can see how this relates to this technique of magic :a) seeing what you want for you or your world
b) stepping into that reality using your emotional body as a tool of propulsion, living it c) from the state of "being there" see hints, little clues  in your past of the possibility of this coming to pass, this peace accord, this cease fire, this emergence of freedom
d) look beyond at the future of this creation, the horizon of future possibilities.  e) release IT into your world and with that release; true detachment  (apathy is not allowing yourself to feel how much you care personally and globally; detachment is on the other side of caring that becomes compassion). It is important to feel the emotion around what you are creating; embrace that feeling, which may be uncomfortable  (fear around a terminal illness etc.).  Then release the emotion retaining the energy of that emotion, and direct the energy toward your creation. This releasing with an understanding of true detachment is important; initiates at a certain point are traditionally given a set of 'suggestions' one states (our translation ) "The..... respond to the sound.  The waters ebb and flow.  Let the initiate guard him/her self from drowning at the point where land and water meet.  The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon their feet are set.  When water, land and air meet, there is the place for magic to be done." Those who have begun this process have prepared this place; it is not difficult. However the danger lies in drowning; this means clinging to your emotions and thought forms in a way that they begins to controll you. It needs to be released into your world, into your reality. If done properly with harm to none it will precipitate, it will manifest. Given certain atmospheric conditions the rain falls.

Our world reality is obviously similar, intertwining rivers. We've discussed the future (with some of you) we will choose together out of the intertwining rivers of time, out of all the possible becoming probable futures available to us. All the tired ol' global doom and gloom predictions are not going to happen. Period. The second half of this decade does indeed have the potential to be  difficult and tens of thousands have already died in horrendous natural and un-natural disasters this millenium. We are not saying it's going to be easy street,  but not the high numbers (one quarter of this planets population, etc. depending on the prediction) being destroyed. Not one quarter, not one fifth, not one fifthteenth (world population apprx. 6,500,000,000). They tune into and enter and then invite you into a reality stream where millions perish and look here is the map after all the earth changes. They are connecting their dots based on their pulsation, that's all they can see; a psychic reading the future of a particular limited stream or a consensus new age  'celebrity' speaking from their similar limited stream.  And they invite you in; but so many are saying- no thank you. There can be less pain and suffering then most of your channels and psychics are predicting, it is our collective choice. Not because of who we are, but because of who you are. Struggle and pain, the dark night of the soul (individually and collectively), is not inherent in the spiritual journey, it is inherent in people on this planet; has been inherent. You've done that; again, we invite you, let's try another way.

We don't think it was ever meant to be as painful as it is for (too) many here. Duality offers some unique opportunities. It gives you the capacity to pause, to observe yourself so you can consciously learn. Consciously grow and change; to evolve in a time that is truly self created for just that purpose. Good-Bad is dual , Bad-Horrendous is as well; but so is Pretty Good-Fantastic (as in a whole lot better than good). Really offers the same opportunities to grow, to become conscious creators into manifesters, to become High Alchemists. Pretty Good-Fantastic, enough modulation there, enough positive resistance to create and maintain your world of form..... Why not?

It is not about waking up on a Sunday morning in 2012 to a new world, transformation always starts now.  It is happening right now one alchemist at a time, two, three... Not by the velocity and mass of the old world [billard balls]; it is that avenue of change that gives credence to the doom  predictions because there is not enough time to avoid..... but by energy and force [resonance] which brings about change in no time at all.  It is not that forms have a particular resonance; forms do not produce resonance,  resonance precipitates into form.

The new world is happening right now one alchemist at a time; not a fixed-up world emerging from the past, but a totally new dream, a dream that has never been "dreamt". The birth of something truly new, pristine. Participating in this birth is your great work and will become your great joy. On the way your personal dreams move from creation into manifestation. Enjoy.

Lead into Gold; you can turn your lead into gold. Lead into Gold; in the Mideast we can turn lead into gold. Lead into Gold; globally we can turn lead into gold. Together. Memories stir; the alchemy of the ancients. Of the Ancients birthing now. Your alchemy.

we love you
we love you
we love you

you/ve gotten this far so we'll just talk as friends. no sense, no worry; friends don't always have to intellectually understand each other. The Pattern, with a capital 'P',  was broken in 1982. No longer being propelled by the past. No longer propelled/pushed by your past, now pulled by your dreams, not little dreams, your Dreams; Her Dreams, "pulled" by the future Dream. In 1994 an opening, through the star that is a door, an entrance into your universe, an opening and a streaming in of everything that was needed to fufill, to implement the Dream here; light stored as information, light stored in-form within your DNA. As we move into the second half of this decade a new birth taking place. A kind of virgin birth, immaculate conception; not born of the past. A birth taking place now. There will be chaos, this chaos we are in the midst of, but not the "end times". Not the gloom and doom scenerios; rather birth contractions and the strain and "pain" that proceeds birth. That is why some of you are feeling a sense of urgency; called to participate in this birth. That is also why the Golden Seed can bring an ease to the releasing of  blocks and restrictions, old karmic crystalizations; they are no longer "held" in place by the past.

Those traveling with us are invited to take the Golden Seed as soon as octave 3 in the powder  is completed. Simply contact us. The Golden Seed is not a liquid monatomic/diatomic elixir nor a powder. Different form and different function-- a very individual process  formulated specifically for you. The pattern that exists in your etheric body, in your chakras, is repeated on many levels; in your DNA, in your mental body (thought patterns), emotional body, etc.: literally multidimensionally. Since the Seed formula is more personal, more individual, the connection has to be as well. We need to identify this unique pattern to assist and to clarify the unique formulation of your 'GoldenSeed'. Ultimately High Alchemy takes 'no time at all'....A giant step isn't all that big, for a giant

>>"From all religions and spiritual traditions they will gather, honoring each- transcending all diversity as the foundation of unity. They will remain in the world-in every country-in every walk of life. Yet gather they will in the (more real) inner planes, far beyond the glamour of the astral -an experiment is now being made"<<.©1990- 2006


We subscribe to the best practice of copyright protection and respect the intellectually created rights of others. INTELLECTUAL AND CREATIVE PROPERTY ARE PROTECTED BY THE US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE AND ALSO BY THE WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION: . Always happy to give permission to copy/reprint  when contacted by sincere explorers. © 1990-2006 ASC International. All rights reserved. No part of these pages or original theoretical data may be reproduced in any form, electronic or mechanical, without written approval from ASC International. This is freely given to individual explorers, we only clarify the legal protection of patents pending and copyright of original research.

The following is a translation sent to us from one of you [ we always appreciate your feedback/input ] and seemed worthy of posting here. The text is dated  to the Old Kingdom of Egypt since it was not written in the Hieratic script used by scribes when recording magical texts from the early Middle Kingdom onwards. The "Old Kingdom", sometimes called the "First Born" was seeded from Atlantis. This is not an archealogical or scientific verifiable "fact", unless science has caught up to the truth, but last we looked twas not so- so we'll tell it as a brief story. [fs] stands for: friendly smile

Brief story: All hell was breaking loose [you know us- poetic license ] The crystal grids that supported the underlying structure of Atlantis, that supplied the energy and the 'light' had been compromised. First the corruption of the spirit, then of the mind into the emotion followed by the physical structure itself. Literal explosions that destroyed the underlying living crystal foundation; set by terrorists of that time/place. There was an internal struggle- an undeclared war that was tearing the Atlantean civilization apart. Only the few could see that  the terrorists and the Atlantean 'leaders' fighting them were often one- united by their willingness to destroy  innocents in the name of a cause- while they seemed to oppose each other, linear polarities, they were actually born of the same "place" and partuk (not a real word)  from the same energetic "diet"- indeed while seeming to oppose they were actually feeding each other- and opposing humanity- in that time/place. Only a relative few "leading the charge" in the halls of (the illusion of) power or the cells of cowards who sent others to blow themselves up- but the 'masses' of people did not see they often were brothers, these opposing forces, both sides in opposition to Life-so they, mostly, gave them support, and sent their children to be.... Such was the state near the end of the third empire of Atlantis. Now that you know a bit about the intertwinning rivers of time you will understand that the relative few, the magicians of Atlantis, gathered to change the flow of their shared manifest illusion. And indeed along their reality stream they saved the cilvilization, Hail Atlantis; it lives now- along that reality stream. But from where you are at, mostly, the primary reality river was one where the brothers of opposition tore the civilization apart- explosions:destroyed in explosions. And along that reality river the magicians who had "failed" left prior to destruction and seeded 12 new civilizations upon the earth, bringing their ancient crystals. The "Old Kingdom" of Egypt was born of one of those seeds.

That was a lot less brief  than we meant to be- but good to see the reality stream where Atlantis lives- as you gather here, magicians and high-alchemy™ ists of your time/place. Many of you from the reality river that "failed" to save Atlantis, but this time- this time-- you succeed.  We celibrate your triumph in the distant future and, more to the point, We celibrate Your triumph in the timeless that pulsates into your now. Please know--this 'time' you succeed. [ © 2004 from Ascension Alchemy®, letter 12 ].

Anyway, back to the primary purpose here [fs].

Here is the translation; the authors were not the "first born" that came to seed, a little corruption had set in, you may notice the touch of arrogance. But valuable as most historians do not recognize the deeper esoteric tradtion that came out of the Old Kingdom. They also were not, by the way, white guys-Caucasian, rather people of color, please do not misinterpret the references to "White Lords".


>>A few Blessed ones have been walking among us, complete, throughout the ages, because the purified child coming out of their souls was considered wise enough to be embraced as son or daughter of the skies, who will now provide them all the help and answers they may need based upon the natural love between parents and children, which will lead them into even higher ways of knowledge as a circle that never end or truly begins.

To be a part of the highest circles the recipe shall be followed in detail, but be aware the laws of the highest kingdoms won't look upon your fortune or those with whom you are related. Be you a slave or a king, a musician or an artisan. Be naked before the sacred fire that burns without burning, that exists without consuming.

Know your rules mean nothing to all the things that created themselves permanently, because you are only a half of who you are. Until you are complete you will follow by need, the rules of man, until you are complete and start to follow the rules of everything else, that by its purity seems so simple to you although by its perfection is far beyond your judgement.

One step away from freedom though you shall be. Oh white lord, because among your learning about the nature of true things you have learned that their infinite permanence is nothing else but another stage of the way, the one that stands before becoming everything.

White Lords followers of the Supreme word of Amon who has chosen to be everything after creating himself forever. The red essence shall remain unknown for you until you become a follower of the form of Amon, for you shall know when reaching the white state all the answers to take you forward, therefore it is forbidden to speak of what you shall know when reaching the condition of knowing, or you would never wish to reach there. Having the knowledge is not being. The wise shall know it, the one who is not ready will turn back. [Ed. note: as we said not transcribed by the First Born- here is the beginning  of  "unclarity" for Amon himself - they did not write the form that encompassed polarities of male/female,  but rather "Amon himself"- did not create himself forever, rather created, born of the Goddess. Herself gave birth to himself. Perhaps that was understood apriori when transcribed; but look and see what happened going into the second and third Egyptian kingdoms as the priests became a class that ultimately did anything but nourish the peoples who turned to them.]

You will see what you thought it was not. Bind yourself with this illusion and you shall never cross the path of light. Believe the heart, more than the eyes, for the eyes, they follow reason and reason is based upon what ordinary men see; they do not see all that is there, so reason is in part a lie.

If you follow a lie you will never get to a true place. Mark my words apprentice, I have been there. In the dwelling-place of White Lords were the doors are opened to the stars, when they chose to open them, for they have transcended death, though are waiting still to be everything following the trace of the great Amon. Red shall be know as the heart, and you shall know what lays in there, follow it, this map usually never fails.

The circle of the water, of the rain, everything is hidden there and in the supreme golden. You shall hold the never ending circle in your hands of the water, of the water, let it be, the water knows what to do, it will give birth to the original blue, that you shall not see, let the white sand of the Gods stand in the middle. You shall find the sand of the gods within the Supreme Golden, ask for it and wait, do not fear, do not be unsure, change the red essence for the dark one of reason and nothing shall come out of it.

The white sand is food for time, offer it to both, and you shall be immortal, time will have it's share, it will disappear and in return you shall see the door and it shall open for you. In the dwelling place of the starts without a noise, without a sound.

Follow the Great Serpent of water, that you shall see from the sky, until you see the three steps of the gods coming out of the water, there, in the middle there is the resting place of the supreme Amon on earth, the awaken lord, the one that never sleeps, whose mind never sleeps, whose heart shines forever. If you step inside the cave, the temple, the answer to your search, know that you are far from the end, but the time you take to reach it, is a part of you. Be you the master of the change, time is a servant.

Know that for long, the golden lord has gone forward, left his shadow behind so that it could follow him if it wanted, so that he could be followed if it wanted.

Sons and daughters of Nuit who carry the shadow, to pass beyond the shrine of Amon the Supreme father. Hidden in the shadow there are the three gifts of Nuit the blessed mother, the three gifts of Amon the shining father and the one which is of men, the red of life.

Below the earth, inside the first temple of the first gift of Nuit, the blessed mother, you shall find the fountain for the miracle.

Below the earth, inside the temple of the second gift of Nuit, the blessed mother, you shall find both serpent and egg and the precious gem for those who know the secret of leading the source to the receptacle.

Below the earth, inside the third temple of the third gift of Nuit, the blessed mother you will find and the strength to follow.

Above the earth, below the sky, inside the temple of men, the only one, the gift of men, you shall find the wish to follow and the beauty of following.

Above the sky, inside the first temple of the first gift of Amon, the shinning father, you shall find the word to heal and to put away all demons.

Above the sky, inside the second temple of the second gift of Amon, the shinning father, you shall find the knowledge behind the word.

Above the sky, inside the third temple of the third gift of Amon, the shinning father, you shall find the gate and the path after it.

When Ra rises in the east, follow the path of the white lords, to the west.<<


There is a you that is.....
There is a you that already is.....
on the other side of heaven
on the other side of hell
when every bone in your body wants to go to sleep
but you will not
when every atom of Your being longs to merge in Her arms, for you are "done"
but You do not
in the dead of night
when you should be in deepest sleep-beyond the dream state
in the dead of night
when You should be merged in Her arms
you feel the One that you have been avoiding forever
slowly turning in your direction
as you turn to meet their eyes
on the other side of heaven
on the other side of hell
this time you do not look away...

unfinished translation not from egypt

the father of lies hides in the vestiges of once pure religions and ideologies as well as the latest and greatest. to put you to sleep. in the vestiges of the _____ church or astral channeling misusing the names of your beautiful masters  --- may well be obvious, but woven among seemingly spiritual physics--meta--so say---- less so. the mental is "it's" last refuge. so, tho the words are correct they may not be 'true'. the integrated mental as part of the whole- questioning -"whose sabbath is it" - whose - who-- who-- is  one thing, mind emotion soul spirit and yes those wonderful body-forms  acting as one in harmony; the mental usurping control quite another, devoid of true spirit it weaves beautiful looking traps. the form may seem fine-- mystery school, self empowerment, even just the valid motivation of earning a new age living through seminars, cd's etc; the external expression appearing  fine,  but the outcome may be-- to put you to sleep.

so from a gentle 'wake up' tap all the way thru the worlds of form and formless-- this is a good time to mention that who you are does not need refuge. rather rememberance, from the past when you took this series of forms to free yourself and your world---from the future where you re-awake to who You are. the river of time flows in "both" directions. You do not need refuge. the ancient ones are here... they walk the streets of your cities, your towns....awakening to who they are and why they came.

Our Haiku
is you
Live Meditation: High Alchemy

Connecting to phone gatherings

BE SURE TO HAVE A HEADSET IF YOU JOIN US, THERE ARE SHORT VISUALIZATIONS AND A LONGER MEDITATION--AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE HOLDING A PHONE TO YOUR EAR. Available for under $15.00 at radio shack etc. or a complete set-phone and headphones for $35.00 by searching:  GN Netcom 4170 Headset Telephone 

There will be two phone gatherings per month: you should receive the phone # and codes by email if you are a regular customer
Open to all those taking the Ormes powder (Whitegold in powder form) or Golden Seed and those new folks who have a pending order  of same but have not received yet
1. Just a simple one step process. 
2. Full name you used to order (name in our data base)
3. Address (again address we sent the the Ormes or Seed to - the address in our data base)
4. Approximate date of your last order, or pending order if you are new so we can find your order.
Email orders do not go in the data base, please base the date of your last order on when we debited the money or received your payment , as close as possible ( "in 2006" will not suffice  so month ordered as close as you can approximate so we can find in data please.)
We will be going deeper now and discussing things in our politically incorrect manner--and need to know who is joining the gathering. So please do be accurate with info. if you wish to get the phone number and your password to enter.

Please do not email from Yahoo, G mail, Hotmail etc. You will not receive the info. since it will be sent as a large group email- only your name will appear but there will be many unseen names- and sent from a different email, not  the one you send  your info to. So you will need to use your primary Internet service Provider email, your main email account, earthlink, etc. We absolutely do not give your info. out to anyone ever for any reason.
So, if info. matches our database you will receive an email by the afternoon of the day of the gathering with the phone number to call and personal password you will need to enter. See you then

You already know that these gatherings are not about the external alchemical formulas, and that we do not represent any particular religion, teacher, path, etc. The live phone gatherings are to lay the foundation for going into HIGH ALCHEMY™ which we begin to "talk" about on this webpage. We will begin with the foundation on the solstice, responding to questions, but we want to move through that quickly into the joyous adventure that awaits and the depth of meditation that this medium affords--connecting from the  private safe space of your home.

These will be very interactive as we proceed so all can learn by hearing the response to a question about the Golden Triangle™ connection, or handling the growing intensity of energy, dealing with depression, etc. You all have individual "issues" but if your willing to be open enough to ask (anonymously if you wish) during the gatherings everyone can  gain from our interaction.  As we get to know each other through this medium the interaction can be as personal as you'll allow; some of you may join us in Colorado at some point but this medium also allows for a deep personal connection as we all become comfortable with it. We'll need to have additional confluences that will be particularly for those on the Seed so we can go into the deeper Realizations your working with-- and we're looking very very forward to beginning  to  work together this way.


We have"live" meditations via the phone
we always like to "throw" things out
so you can participate in the birth
time is a river that flows in both directions
within time the future, your future dreams- what you are reaching for
(our future dreams-what we are reaching for together)
is so much more important than your past
o.k.--- if you insist
your future dreams
Her future Dreams that you embrace as your own
pulsating "out there"
causes that as you embrace effect
your present
as you sit here reading these words
so....we mention that we  gather, "live" for those who wish
in meditation, and "preparation" deep in your night.

not as representative of any particular  lineage or priesthood.
obviously there is nothing for you to “join", no exclusive teaching
or teacher, nor  any singular path represented, our strength is in our diversity
we are not urging or even suggesting, just offering.
naturally we enjoy sharing what we are given.

"An experiment is now being made to shift the focus of the groups inwards and yet, at the same time, to increase their potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group centre upon the outer plane. All in the group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together they will learn; together they will stand with impersonality; together they will render service to the world." From all religions and spiritual traditions they will gather, honoring each- transcending all-diversity as the foundation of unity. No individual leader and no permanent external gathering "place"- they will remain in the world-in every country-in every walk of life- and feel our love and support in the midst of their lives,...a deep knowing of being so very loved. And gather they will in the (more real) inner planes, far beyond the glamour of the astral - and in cyber space, (and maybe occasionally in colorado [fs] ) experiment is now being made.


The remainder of this web page is a preparation for the ongoing series of phone gatherings. Not really meant to be complete; rather planting seeds so when we go into these things together there will be a point, a seed in your consciousness that can sprout and bloom. So we play and stretch your mind a bit by speaking from different points of view sometime within the same paragraph. Causation from the past, causation from the future, causation from the more Real 'higher' realms precipitating 'down' into your reality. All are ways that cause -effect can take place, and that understanding assists one to step beyond cause-effect. Like that; obviously also with duality-non-duality: so although the words can be understood they are also meant to plant a 'seed' that we will come back to in our phone gatherings.  If the ideas are foreign and "senseless" to the mind .......well some of you learn with your heart. We will, together, bring the heart center and head centers into union.

The conferences/meditations wil be on different levels. some for those on octaves 1-2 covering the basics: sex, drugs, and rock and roll- at least the first two are important in our opinion for those who wish to move harmoniously and deeply toward the rainbow body. there will be a chance to ask questions in real time as well as a deeper silent time for meditation. The information below is more preparation for those who have been with us for a little while, so if it does not relate to your immediate concerns, health, abundance, etc.-bear with us, but do read, since the information is written in a way that will prepare you to hold a higher resonance--harmoniously.

there is an interdimensional humor inherent in a lot of our cummunications [fs]
in that spirit, we will have fun together, serious fun, but fun
you can huff and puff and learn about string theory and set theory and chaos and fractals and zeta and geez everyone knows the basics of quantum theory now and heisenbergs uncertainty principle - and come to the conclusion that what is happening, not only in this solar system but in this universe is "real" and........ hopefully become bored with that approach to understanding and bored with feeling "better than" or "less than" -2 sides of the same coin of the negative aspect of ego we spoke of- way back when
And open to completely different ways of knowing. Knowing What Is, of course, but even knowing what you think of as 'mundane'. There are vertical ways of knowing, there are tangential ways of knowing, much more direct and elegant then reading a new age manuscript including ours, that comes to the most obvious conclusion in the world via linear or non;;; esoteric scientific hip hop; ultimately mental masturbation.
For those of you who are genuises, there are more direct ways of Knowing, we are not speaking of intuition or remote veiwing, but of Knowing. For those of you who don't know what the hell we are talking about, there are much more elegant ways of Knowing then this- we just needed to prepare a bit. The changes brought about by the ormes powder and now the Seed, in your brain, your endocrine system, your nadi's/nervous system via the physical alchemy enables you to have the "container", the cauldron, to hold that which  can be shared  now, it is time. And we haven't even started yet [fs]- but the river of time flows in 'both' directions and what we are reaching  for is so much more important......  You can finish that yourself now, when we seem to repeat really speaking to a deeper level-- seeding. Seeding.

Speaking of seeds, we are always fascinated by the "diets" here--our favorite is cabbage soup--there is a cabbage soup diet--apparently to lose weight??? Some things even we cannot understand.Unfortunately there are beings in your universe whose diet is fear. As your wonderful farmers [we are very partial to small family farmers] sow corn seeds for your sustanence--these dietary challenged beings sow seeds of  fear. Off planet and on, that's what they sow, they shrivel up and die in an atmosphere of  love, of joy, of hope for your future. We sometimes humorously suggest non-dualers---you may want to consider our use of the language there--wait a decade for satori---at least until What Is doesn't suck. This planet has been controlled by fear; at times connecting the ends of seemingly opposite points of a line into a circle can bring understanding. The relationship between those who are killing children in the name of democracy and freedom--some humor is even too black for us-- and terrorists who are killing children in the name of their god.  The relationship between those who control so much of your old (newspapers, tv, radio) media--the dietary challenged--- and the new age or old age teachers [so say] who are so eager to preach, who earn their living, preaching that the sky is falling doom and gloom. The relationship between those who head and rear the IMF and those who head  militias who spout hate and anger in their opposition ( we are not speaking of the pure hearts who march and perhaps fight in the streets of protests ). At any rate something to consider, join the end-lines of extreme oppositions into a circle and see if they really oppose each other or feed each other, oppose each other or oppose humanity. And see if they both sow seeds of fear.... as we often say; a time for discrimination. If coast-to-coast has a show about how one of the coasts will end in Nevada next year [ Not; California will remain right where it is] then, that night at least, who are they serving?

So, again, This planet has been controlled by fear; at times connecting the ends of seemingly opposite points of a line into a circle can bring understanding; the illuminati and a number of your popular authors/speakers with their exposés of partial truths that leave you Please...the beginning of discrimination is to feel if those that seek your attention and who make their livelihood pushing against that which they seem to oppose but feed so much energy into-- to feel what they leave you with.  The words; love, truth, are beautiful words, but please feel what they leave you with. No, they are not consciously a part of what they feed through lack of wisdom and lack of compassion, but they serve you who reach with a pure heart and innocence poorly; exchanging one delusion for another.

Please don't forget that paragraph; the ducks that look like a duck and quack like a duck are obvious to behold, others that leave you chasing your tail taking you farther from You with their seeming "truths" are not obvious to behold. The negative ego devours everything except the mental body, it uses that to spout metaphysical treatesis that fascinate your mind, small m, with reams of truth devoid of soul. Time space undersea underground full spectrum massad and tired old desertations about DNA. Replace the  nucleotides with musical notes and sing your DNA yesterdays truths become todays marketing campaign and the currency asked is often much more valuable then gold; it is your time for while you are listening to the sirens sweetly singing....

On the other hand those you consider..... the sweet lady in Alabama marching outside of an abortion clinic- do you think she does not care about the children being killed in Iraq every day? Again, consider joining the seeming opposites- the linear polarity into a circle. As more truth comes to light in your world about what some in power are doing here while pointing/diverting your attention over there- you will find those who you thought were your opposition, politically and otherwise, may be caring compatrioits (we choose our words carefully). You vegans who care for your environment so dearly, the places of pristine air, the beautiful trees and foliage that are the envy of many a planet, do you think there are not some hunters who take their weapons and kill animals with  respect and reverence for nature? That do not also love and respect and wish to protect the beauty of nature in their own way. Even while eating it ? Yes, loosen up; within the world of duality we are renowned for making strange alliances (don't ask [fs] ), the Dream birthing here will come forth from those who you now call "strange bedfellows".

So...where were we ...
Ascension....kinda like making your first _________ dollars, or climbing the corporate ladder. If pursued from a limited identity it is a rather selfish little new age fascination complete with "special" meditations and sound light technologies, and....alchemy. With a small a. Sounds like where we began.
Time has come today...
Dividing the Ocean into 7, ascension is the 4th step of a 7 step process. If you think you have taken that step- you have not. The demonstration is dominion beyond thought-lifting form to light- LIGHT TO FORM,  very  And if approached as a new age seminar, reaching for through techniques of breath, application of specific frequencies, biochemistry, no mind, or tic tac toe it becomes just another 1955 Chevy. Who is the symbol in your world for the ascension process? For many Jesus the Christ comes to mind, as well he should.

He told John the Baptist to stop being such a God damn yogi and loosen up -" here, have a sloppy joe" (from the brooklyn  translation [fs] ). Then proceeded to turn to the world he awoke in and demonstrate that incredible heart, that touching compassion- healing, feeding, walking among the folks, overturning those tables....  And that caring, that compassion brought him to the initiation that is called the Ascension. He didn't join John in the latest new age merkabreath, the symbolism is clear....we have a rather fundamentalist viewpoint [fs]. So, yes, the vessel must be prepared and there is a place for the alchemy that we have been traveling through together- but one will never "ascend" through any such means. (though we have been laying the foundation, in your brains, in your endocrine systems )  As you turn to the world you awake in and..... different destiny of course but in your way -- in our way together as we become High Alchemists in the world we awake in...that ascension step becomes as natural as a giant step is for a giant.

As the current flows naturally up the center channel it blends with the 'pranic fire' at a point near the shoulder blades and the chakra centers become 3 dimensional, this has occured for all of you. When this current blends and is balanced with the solar fire of the mind at the alta major chakra the centers become 4th dimensional ; when with the electric fire of Spirit at the crown chakra the centers become 5th and then 6th dimensional. The chakras above the head, the soul star etc. continue this journey. Paradoxically a realization of unity will differ depending on the dimension you are functioning at in the moment.

In a past "age" a painful process, the cross-the death of so much more than the ego-the death of the corresponding focus on another level--we are choosing our words carefully for this open website-- But we suggest in this now there is a more joyful way, what "dies" still dies on the 'cross' of the 4th initiation, of the ascension- the 4th of 7 is always the most difficult, the most determined. But it was never meant to be so painful- perhaps there is a better way?- perhaps we can find that together.

"An experiment is now being made to shift the focus of the groups inwards and yet, at the same time, to increase their potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group centre upon the outer plane. All in the group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together they will learn; together they will stand with impersonality; together they will render service to the world." From all religions and spiritual traditions they will gather, honoring each- transcending all-diversity as the foundation of unity. No individual leader and no permanent external gathering "place"- they will remain in the world-in every country-in every walk of life- and feel our love and support in the midst of their lives,...a deep knowing of being so very loved. And gather they will in the (more real) inner planes, far beyond the glamour of the astral - and in cyber space, (and maybe occasionally in colorado [fs] ) experiment is now being made.

speaking of Jesus, we have breen quite surprised at how many folks who would have been called "the Christian right"  have begun to question and reach for a connection here. they would still strike down Roe verse Wade, but are also concerned for all the iraqi already- born babies and children and mothers who are being killed in their name
in the name of God and freedom and the flag----statistics that are not reported and when they are no where near the real numbers.  so the Christian house wife from oklahoma born and raised--  who cries for the unborn - finds herself crying for the already born.
because her heart is open. The real Moral majority is beginning to find it's voice- they are too busy in the halls of power explaining why thousands died by the waters to even notice
besides what can one housewife in oklahoma do....or one IT worker in missisippi....or office manager in tennesee....or Christian pastor in South Dakota.....or Yogi in the rockies....they have the halls of  power wrapped in red ribbon---what could ............

and so we call "our own"
and since you come from near and far
every masters son and daughter
every guru's daughter and son
for we are neither guru nor master
we are hard pressed to find anyone who falls out of that category
you will eliminate yourself through prejudice
for if you think yourself better-than
based on religion, skin color, etc.
in whatever world you read these words
then what of forms ouside your models-and colors you have never imagined
the "ring pass nots" that have separated you from others in ths universe
dissolve now for those of pure heart, caring, compassion
High Alchemy  does not end at your worlds atmosphere
neither will our meditation/gatherings together

as you have begun to suspect we are not inviting you to

the exquisite silent essence that is nirvana
tho that indeed is where we need to begin
careful: remember better than is one way the negative ego
works- but less-than is the other.

that effortless silence, the peace that passeth all understanding,  what is forever
is your birthright; and that indeed is where we need to begin
remember better than is one way the negative ego
works- but less-than is the other.

[The mystic merges in the Light; pure Beingness.. The High Alchemist continuously  emerges from the Light. The "closer" to the Source of All That Is  (or indeed the source of anything) the more elegant and magical changes can be wrought. With a sweep of your hand. The problem is you don't have a hand  or anything else; forms naturally dissolve and merge as one approaches Essence. And change itself , the movement from what is, Beingness, to....anything... takes one back 'down' into time and space. The merging  is a whole lot easier than the continuously emerging, that's really where the Will we're talking about comes in, and a fierce Love. High Alchemy is born of the fruit of mysticism, from Being Essence. It is a paradox from which nothing could possibly be born, but is....We're not trying to be cute, just planting seeds. The mystic merges in the Light; The High Alchemist continuously  emerges from the Light.]

but no body in nirvana land is killing your children
no body in pure Beingness is raping your beautiful planet
the illusion is a manifest illusion, who is manifesting this....
by taking responsibility you take the next step

so perhaps " Go To Hell" now takes on a new meaning
in this universe hell is about 10 light years left of.....

you'll Go To Hell has been used to frighten
Go To Hell has been used to curse
but some of you, not all-we attract diversity, but some
figure that's exactly where the "problem" lies
so in your future life you join representatives from near and far
to fufill a promise before leaving this round

but in this now it's becoming quite clear
that is not a future life where we (not all reading -but some)
gather around that wayward system as High Alchemists
causing an "effect"

that changes your planets present as you read these words

not next life
that was when you first connected and spoke about this ache and that pain
that illness and this problem in your life
when you connected for healing
or to experience your own little personal ascension
and many did heal and come to understand the true meaning of ascension
form into Light; Light into Form
Light into form
not a future life
not next life
we are beyond that
all lives are now
a tapestry to behold
that is why some of you are feeling what you are
this moment
aspects of all that you are
are becoming part of You here- You are becoming More

and so we speak of compassion and along with the alchemical formulas give exercises that will connect centers
and awaken the endocrine system and brain in a way that lays the foundation for High Alchemy™.
For it is not as  warriors that those who wish to fufill a promise would "go forth".

That is only one twelfth of all that you are
not as warriors to clash in an armageddon of pain and destruction
indeed in that future, in the folds of the tapestry before us now
even the lords of stupidity realize "we"
The High Alchemists of this and the future age
are their salvation....the possibility of "transmutation"
they may be stupid but they ain't dumb... at least eventually
never on the same level, but by going beyond where realities can be changed in a blink of an eye
and so...we are preparing you
to blink

(to be continued)

re; " the fall"it would be truer to say you were tripped.
within duality there is duality, You created it so.
But ultimately it is not evil that you fear-- it is how deeply deeply deeply you care. how much you love. your love is known thru-out this universe and beyond.
truly when you touch your love, and we are still using small 'y''s it can be frightening.
(it certainly scares the hell out of them)
no forcing or "all at once" as you open to your love- for your choice is paramount
each has there own rhythm on their way
so in your own time
let in your own love.

and since the river of time flows in "both" directions
and AscensionAlchemy is a group effort extending well beyond
the few who you know
who do you think wrote these words?


some of you have been confused and hurt when discovering a great teacher had "feet of clay", even K.
please allow us to say: the man, the love was as pure as has been demonstrated here-
the teaching was pure and true, the man was too
not addressing what he did or did not do
but rather the pure love emanating
that's what is true-such Love
if he cannot live it, who can?

and truly he lived it too
but the answer is


...even if we stayed in duality, which we do not. in fact that's where we first met, between the pulses. at one of those parties we mentioned [fs] and, although we are Not gurus or masters or Gurus or Masters-there are a few true ones- that's the reason we can extend a helping hand even though we don't have one-because we know you between the pulses that you unconsciously ignore so you can drive to work and go to the bathroom without falling through the floor and not stopping there. So rather then  talking about "no boundaries" no blocks, the death of the ego {without clarifying the difference between the negative ego and the positive focus/ego) and living in some state beyond the confines of time/space, or some heavenly bliss etc. we talk about consciously going to "hell" and other strange things. You see without some modulation you will not exist in any form--modulation is resistance, it causes electricity to be able to turn on the light--without the modulation, without the resistance ---no light.

Same with you, without the modulation, no you here. Great you say-free at last. But freedom without responsibility ain't really Freedom, it's just time off from time. So, the You who we party with--who doesn't need a bloody soul mate (any more than you do- you can be quite happy sans same and manifest what you need for yourself and loved ones) , the You who we party with makes damn sure to create modulation so the Current we spoke about lights up your form, maintaining you here---since here is where it's at, in a sense, as we transform(ed) a planet together. But if you don't step into that you/You -  we have no idea how the heck to write that-- that You who consciously begins to work globally-- then you maintain  through your dip-s__t resistance which may be the modulation-stuff you keep working on, more money, soul mates, the same health issue that doesn't go away................... lots of dots.

Sorry to sound so callous, but those resistances may be your modulation, they keep your light on-- good reason for them to be "stubborn"-hard to change. As you step into More of who you are, perhaps even into the Legend we alluded to--now there's some Modulation, global modulation, heck universal modulation (the lords of kentucky fried NAFTA are sourced beyond Fox's satellites). And with that more-real global modulation the dip s__t stuff finally begins to fall away.  This will make more and more sense as we gather together. The most direct way to change your life is to begin to step into Your Life. No need then for the little resistances, You have bigger fish to fry, so the negative modulation-resistances begin to fall away. Of course there is 'positive' modulation as well but at this point some of you are chasing your tails--dealing with the same ol issues that you were years ago--so as we often say... you've done that, let's try another way. Alchemically within the movement-- transmutation,  transformation, transcendence--where do you figure this fits in?

Again we repeat--adolescent spirituality begins to grok that and makes external changes-- please don't make any such changes based on that realization. Begin where you are-- there is ample opportunity--begin where you are.  we are speaking freely to the spiritual adult--if you allow the child or adolescent to twist that and start changing externals--quit your job and leave your spouse tomorrow etc.-- you haven't understood. That's what time is for, to stop and reflect, to wait till there is deeper truer understanding prior to acting. worth repeating on a deeper level:
the adolescent within may think
to quit the job, leave the....
changing the external
to go forth in an adolescent fantasy- the savior--yesterdays story
instead of the Legend-- which begins right where you are
a smile here on your way to work
a flow of light there as you read and transmute the news
the overflowing love as we gather in the "more real"
even without a phone [fs]--only a breath away
the Legend is here

     [fs] stands for: friendly smile


although more like the first than the last
it is important to stay up thru the "night" of the remaining
years of this decade
sleep is mostly not holding More of who you are here
so you fall into your own arms, fall asleep
we would ask you to stay awake with us now

while madison avenue lulls you to sleep
while so many religious interpreters/priests  lull you to sleep
while so much of the new age and what passes for mystery systems
lull you to sleep or a pleasant nap on some "high" dimension
while even the non-dual fruit of your Great Traditions often  lull you to 'merge'

we would invite you to stay awake with us here thru the nite of this decade
not for a last supper; but for a glorious breakfast
a new dawn
on the other side of this decade
for some
on the other side of now
for others

in your day
in your nite
while your body moves
while in repose
"subtle awareness"
your ancients called it
before the air was polluted.

remaining awake in spaces in dimensions in formlessnesses
where the brain cannot yet remain conscious... where you fall asleep
your brain needs to be born anew
High Alchemy; the brain can remain conscious now
whenever that now is for you
the forms and formulas are available
High Alchemy; your  brain can be born anew and remain conscious now
we'll great the Dawn together

We received this email  which seemed to represent so many in a kind of new consensus now that the ancient wisdom is so readily available. One reads the words, perhaps before the ancient ones who wrote the Vedas meant for them to be read, (there was originally an order based on spiritual maturity, a living rather than intellectual understanding) prematurely--and take the concepts without the loud belly laughs that the Chan masters used to dispel the young brahman's fundamentalism. Interesting--- they thought fundamentalism "comes in many forms"---Vedic fundamentalists?
A young man's sincere critique >>'s best not to judge, and put things in hierarachies, like the chakras are secondary to the such and such, and rather see the inter-relatedness and the inter-dependence of everything.....once one realises that there is no causality as such, that causality is in fact illusion the hierarchy becomes an outdated concept. (look to
the Rg Veda, and you will find examples of acausality and how the body is not different from the soul<<.

We mentioned that --High Alchemy is born of the fruit of mysticism, from Being Essence. It is a paradox from which nothing could possibly be born, but is. The danger for the magician acting prior to this realization is being caught in illusion; the danger for the mystic is being caught in a high (seemingly) "ultimate" --what? not sure how to say but we think you see what we are trying to point to---that can lead to a saccharine stagnation. When truly grokked and lived the truth of the Rig Veda, [ the Rg Veda (the exact spelling used in the email we received) is a fictional japanese fantasy popular with teenagers--our God has a wonderful sense of humor ] --the living truth of the Rig Veda is a fertile womb for that paradox-- but prior to that 'living truth' we would agree with the wonderful Chan Masters teaching; a teaching that was really born out of the young brahmans of that time misunderstanding of "not different"--- that they [Chan Masters] tried to laugh away--and in this time/space a mis-understanding leading to a mystical fundamentalism to be aware and wary of in this wonderful time when such profound truth is so easily available.


Grasping the false-ness of madison ave either/or is liberating but if you miss the part about diversity being fun-da-mental to unity you have missed the Point...... intelligence can be the dumbest thing that we, at least, have ever seen, but there can be a tyranny of feeling as well as a tyranny of  intellect.
In the revolution from the trap of duality (either/or)--simultaneously
either >movement in time to attain anything creates duality and is really only thought chasing it's own tail<
or  >one can polish the mirror and "become Being" through a preparatory process seeming in time's space<
ain't all that paradoxical when you turn logic 101 inside out and blur the lines of the little either/or circles-- freeing the mind from the tyranny of the intellect. But here one can get trapped in a tyranny of feeling. It got encoded in your DNA and will lead you astray, literally away from the diversity to a false unity. Do you really want to end up in your own "pure" planet world dimension only to remember that is where we first whispered in your ear- what you seek doesn't lie here.

Humanity has been altered DNA-wise; for good. (unless you figure jumping from cromagnum to not all that much different from any greenbay packers fan in a heartbeat of evolution is a bad thing) and for ill from our perspective. So we suggest more is called for than that beautiful simplicity " just follow your heart" -- that works great-- for bunny rabbits and gerbels. Rather, all the centers need to be used at one-ce; integrated. The heart and the head and the gut and as you become aware above your head and below your feet as well. It sounds a lot more difficult than it is, the complexity leads to ease and clarity; while simply following only your feeling- " your heart"- is good medicine to the tyranny of the intellect it can become it's own kind of tyranny.

So we sing diversity of unity, of all your chakras working together, of the diverse parts of ' who you are' working together, internally and externally, the many-- each unique-- working together as one. Which is not at all the loneliest number--in fact it can get damn crowded in the One...many who have gone beyond  the negative ego without getting trapped in "no i " (last time we talked to Buddha he was really pissed "that's not what I meant!" ) in their beautiful uniqueness  working together as one and in no time at all as One. We are speaking of diversity beyond your ring-past-not with races whose colors you cannot imagine and religions whose sciptures are written in sound.

Amazing but true
but some of you have gotten through
oh hell-- we'll step out of the word flow to say
that's really the only place you'll find the homogeneity some of you still seek
crudely as in all Caucasians, republicans, anarchists, or opera fans
but more subtlety as well
the caste system was (still is unfortunately) about as spiritual as the chicago democratic political 'machine'
it may get 'results' and seem to work but ultimately suffocates everyone's spiritual growth
India was/is  obvious, unless your a big bali-hood fan,  but there are world's of beautiful subtlety and grace
created by division--"spiritual" so say-- as in......
"let's hold on to this peace, serenity, silence"  " how?"  " i know we'll  get away from....".
and build a gated community or country or world or heaven loci on the nth dimension
we hate leaf blowers to you really want to end up in a beautiful pure cul de saq (stagnation) on the way to Shangri-La?
some of you are more of a red neck then you thought

and we won't win any popularity contests among the gods
dismantling hell is one thing
but what kind of heaven fosters.......

he hung out with mary magellan
and the barbarians are at the gates

duality: two cowards with dueling pistols both afraid to shoot.
You sometimes buy into what you know isn't true just because the speaker is so holy or outrageous you figure they gotta know more than you do ; answering your questions like this:> >thought does not want any answer (to the question asked) to put an end to itself. If any answer really satisfies the question, it must end the question. But if the question is the thinker, then with the end of the question the questioner must end, and that is the last the thing you want, so you really don't want an answer to your questions<< Whew! an actual quote,---then they get to just sit around and drink your green tea, taking you on a cheap date. Basically  they are saying the illusion of the self is a product of thought and perpetuates itself through thought; which is memory.......
But your not idiots-you know who you are-even as you read these words- is not a product of thought, and your not "afraid" of thoughts cessation which is as natural as a winters morning. Circles within circles Ezekiel said, spheres within spheres. Do you "dissolve" when thought sees itself as memory hanging on for dear life?  The grand illusion?
Not. As your consciousness fills the next sphere it may seem so in no time. The void is 'between' you's, a very large foyer, an entrance "hall" - so large to be mistaken for... what? It's like a giant non-elephant-the story of 3 blind guys describing an elephant based on where they touched" ears, trunk etc. Satori, Enlightenment. God. We hope not; just a moment in no time while you become conscious of  "you" thoughtless. If you trip you may merge beyond ectstacy- but don't worry if you hang out with us we'll always wake you up- as if that That was any more Reality than......Huh?-excuse us for a moment........................someone just said the non-duel-ers were not talking about who you are but rather about the little i you identify yourself as.......naa, we think they're selling you short, you don't identify yourself as thought thinking memory and afraid of it's cessation of the flowering of the silence that is always there between thought, the ground between and before thought as natural tea. Even thought ain't that dumb. We think they're selling you short.

From our perspective Beings do not "fall" as some suppose, indeed a wonderful teacherguru may become deluded on a very high level of consciousness--a nonbreath beneath--and sincerely "know" themselves as the next present true real ultimate....  Yesterdays [age] grace becomes todays beautiful trap.

The few True ones use the words like magicians butterflys from a black hat, as you pay attention they're loving you to death. Quite literally, the negative ego can't exist in pure love. It so often hides in the mental, even metaphysics, you know those long treatises about quantum zeropoint string spaghetti-often thought weaving a place to hide as you get closer to You. so.... all of the great teachers pointing to the non-dual yes-dual no division exposed the negative ego's hiding place,  and loved you so, they Loved, they Love you so. Then the clones come and say the words without the love; leading you to a silence as sterile as an operating room. Given that we'd opt for elvis presley too. So, as we play and Seed here, can fear of the Unknown end so easily, no, but fear of the unknown can and the you beyond thought, indeed beyond all conditions, ain't the Unknown, yea it can end that easily, and you can live in Your own grace. Then we can talk about the real Unknown- now there's a hell of a scarry place.
Just kidding [fs]. Yes the fear of the unknown can end that easily and you can live in Your own grace. Can Eagles fly?

Many of you naturally have "hearts of service". Meals on wheels is a fine expression but you will not greet the Dawn
alone, humanity that is. We are not talking of extraterrestrials, you are all  such and more- but you came into human
bodies to participate in this adventure; nor are we addressing your ascended beings or spiritual hierarchy.
The silver ships will not come to "save" you- more like woodstock, they came to watch and listen  and learn as well. Some to support, and yes some to impede, within duality there is duality and already you understand better how to step beyond-- but frankly of no great import. Great for new age novels and book tours but of no great import. What is of import is that you will not birth this Dream alone here, speaking of humanity now-- there are 3 rivers--rivers that have flowed in parallel  that "need" that will that are flowing together  now into one.Not One, but one ( (no we love your whales and dolphins as well but we are not speaking of such nor nature spirits etc.) So a rebuilding of trust and then a gathering together and a "working" together. High Alchemy™.
Each river has it's own way of working, it's own kind of magic, it's unique gifts. As the three become one, not One, but
one working together in unity....well you will see for yourself. It is indeed your chopping wood and carrying water
(something to think about that carrying water part). In other words it will become part of your daily life-- not to get lost
in-- it is not a psychic realm, an astral realm etc. we are speaking of your realm-- you as humanity. The foundation is the
silent essence to the Silent Essence and....   But where do you wake up each morning? As your concerns about finding a
soul mate your aching back and having more shekels falls away and you become You here this is your chopping wood
and carrying water. A very real and fun way of participating in the birthing. This is just a place for planting Seeds for our
phone and perhaps other types of gatherings;  but in this case listen in your dreams. One voice heart-breakingly
beautiful like a forgotten song not just a melody but a lilting song, the other music--instrumental; more distant like that
heard in a winters midnight mountain breeze. As you open and reach to birth the Dream here so do the High Alchemists
of other realms. Meeting and touching first in your dreams. We will speak definitively and plainly as we gather but such
can be misused so we'll filter a bit more and allow the Seed to begin to stir underground for now. One of the functions
for gathering in our/your place in the mountains and the reason for it's location is for the "three rivers" to work and play
consciously in ways that have not been done before, here.

Two things we noticed about humanity; one is a disposition to blame to the point of not extracting yourself from quagmires--they lied about..., i said we should have never-- now look what..., we'll be sure not to make that mistake if we become the mate, boss, official, presidential administration..... meanwhile the quag mires. Forgiveness is essential before resolution,  you can still feel and say "they" were stupid sob's,  war criminals, or just plain selfish  idiots, but take some time to walk in their moccasins understand why he she they it did what they did and with that understanding-- yea i can see how given that frame of mind circumstances soul they acted that way-- i still abhor what was done, i still abhor them, but i can see and i can forgive enough to let go the blame and move to resolution. Otherwise the blame unreleased anger et al putrefies in you like an undigested poison in your intestines, and renders you ineffective.  The other is a "need" for ends. "Are we there yet?" It is difficult for you to embark and continue on a journey that never ends; even one that moves from wonder to wonder, easier to call  a rest-stop meant to empty your bladder  satori.  Travel can be without your self created time and not implying movement in space -perhaps like a rose  blossoming in no time at all, not a perfect analogy but that's the best we can do for now. True change-transformation really doesn't happen in time, preparation can take place and certainly the effects are seen in time/space but the transformation takes place "somewhere else". So a different kind of travel but we like the word- a journey together as friends.

We have suggested how important it is to forgive what was done and release the anger for your sake- and we will add now that behind the anger there is often tears- please allow them to flow as you discover how much you care. How much you care. The sorrow will give birth to compassion. Sorrow at injustice plus love births compassion. The Sky Pilots unbeknownst have by their actions helped to birth the High Alchemistsof this and the future age. And as you forgive what was done releasing the anger--if you want to hold on to that comtempt for the Sky Pilots of your time, in any political party or company boardroom - well...what the heck. Yea, we're bad. And look for those "good and true" leaders who will emerge now in all fields and who are worthy of your support. Some of them are you.

Some of them are you. So you really have to throw all the "spiritual" types of stereos out the window and go digital. While your posse may be  tai-chi-ing and doing Kali Naga Yoga you may find yourself drawn to economics, to political theory-geo politics, universal--well, not quite yet, but international/global law. My daughter the lawyer!! A hippie parents, or grand parents now, nightmare; but as we say those old stereos gotta go. There is a need for all the mechanisms of governments born anew, or at least transformed. Texas becoming a country? God Forbade, but many interesting experiments of different types and dimension. The point being, quite seriously, to step beyond the stereotypes of spiritual marxist hip hop radical cool and be open to new types of alliances; some of you can easily conceive of welcoming the silver ships but God forbid you should befriend that anti or pro [fill in the blank]. Look at their hearts not their bumper stickers if you release your limited image of who they are and meet anew some will surprise you. Make some sense?--your image of who "they" are restricts the possibility of connecting to what may be a beautiful heart and actually tends to "lock" in place separation. Think--strange alliances-- loosen up--and your seeing with fresh eyes opens up fresh possibilities for you and your world.  And if your not understood in your hood; well you can hang out with us ( they always freak when we talk like that, we are talking about Us directly [fs] ).  And again seriously, please do not live with your lonliness, we chose the holiday season as well as the darkest/shortest day of the year to 'begin'-- we know some of you feel isolated and/or lonely so with your permission we will introduce you to your best friend, You, and your dream lover, God/Goddess and the cosmic Home-Coming Being: All That Is. You, your higher self if you will, can quite literally hold you in Their arms. Some may be "by themselves" this holiday season out of choice, some not so, but please know, you are not alone, you are never alone.

there is a Current flowing from Source. connecting without being "grounded"  causes an obvious shock.
we have nothing against religions although in many cases they has been coopted and have about as much to do with Divinity as a starless nite more to the point none of your religions connect to the "completion" of this primary Current.
none of your non religions connect with the completion of this  primary Current.
rather currents that end in an ocean, currents leading to oceans
whether a beautiful heaven or exquisite essence  where words cannot go
whether an ocean of  smugness or one of  no time no space
the Current of  which we speak leads to no oceans
that is not a koan, we are not playing with words or being humorous this cosmic night
the reality you awake in each now  is suggesting it is time to be quite serious

deadly serious :::::for a moment, this you read these words

the Current traveles thru multiple oceans of form and formless
all religions and "ways" end somewhere along the Current
we invite you to prepare to travel thru
prepare so when "touched" there will not be any of the reactions that have ocurred here
states of consciousness giving birth to your currents
visions and trances and ectstacy
as beautiful as some of these are
we don't need any more prophets

that is what High Alchemy  is about, what our gathering together is about
preparing to hold the Current . to travel on the Current, to wield the Current
beyond trance states, beyond ectstacy,
beyond What Is
no sense in the words so perhaps...

a story
a Grand tale
for what your religions and philosophies and pathless paths
old and new age cannot "hold"

is held in a Grand tale
not a childs story
or an adolescent  fantasy
nor an astral tale-- or a current tale ending on the 5th 6th 7th....
but a Legend
awakening to a Legend
awakening in a Legend
to step out of your little life
as petty and painful or as grand and wonderful as that may be
to step out of your  life
and step into a  Legend....

in a sense
you already have

(to be continued)
but perhaps now instead of being continued in your next life we can, together in our "gatherings", continue it here; remembering
The mystic merges in the Light; The High Alchemist continuously  emerges from the Light.
on one "side" of the 4th step-- of the rainbow body/ ascension--- one gets caught in adolescent delusion
some of you have come to free yourself; so be it.
but all have come out of a deep caring
and a willingness
perhaps a longing
to participate

and so you gave birth to


and we haven't even started yet [fs]

please take a moment now to feel how much you are Loved, the best time to read this page, especially the later sections,  is deep in the night when you give yourself permission, when you give yourself time; and the river of time flows in both ...... and our Love flows with it from....
we love you,
but that which is far 'beyond' who we are Loves you, more than you can ever know, unconditionally.
please sit for a few moments and allow yourself to feel Her Love. This Love is not earned, whether on the "path" forever,
or just born, Her love is. For the saint for the "sinner", Her Love is.
Within the tapestry of lives karma is.... guilt. so many of you have kept Her at bay with your judgement--of you. Please put that aside, just for a moment, please put that aside...if not for you then for all those who you love, for your world and all we can do together if you allow Her love.

come back now and then, a little at a time or overflowing, in your own time-your own rhythm,
the wonder of how much you are Loved.

just after reading or any time to sit and consciously open to how much you are loved
to learn to receive
there is plenty of time for notime plenty of space for...
the beauty of a stark silence in the star-lit mountains of your being
but without the fullness of this Love you will not be able to "hold"
indeed if you are brittle, if your silence is brittle without this full heart-you would "break"
so for now and returning always to the full lushness
strong enough to receive fully
to be held in Her arms
and yes, when full to hold Her in your arms
there is plenty of time for notime
but for this now, as the foundation together
be unzen and:
allow to receive

Then tomorrow morning (this is best done in your night)---- you know of feelings of impending doom...
you will notice yourself beginning to wake up some mornings
with a feeling of impending joy
feeling of impending joy
impending joy

in the midst of the chaos and difficulty that precedes any birth-personal or planetary
with all that is ocurring in your world you may tend to stifle it
a different kind of guilt-more real then the first
what right to feel thus while so many suffer...

so we suggest that ancient esoteric secret...
use it or lose it [fs]
share it with your world

the impending joy
is an effect
coming from your future
the river of time flows...  the future so much more important...

you have chosen the Dream
chosen to consciously participate
so...impending joy

sweet Dreams

all at AscensionAlchemy

[fs] used throughout stands for friendly smile.
[following is an excerpt edited a bit from the customer website--but included to give a general overview]
So now we come 'full circle'. we have addressed what we hope are some of your  concerns.  even to the point of seeming to get lost in the illusion, the duality along the way--as you may have gotten lost along the way. 

The  prior One Source. The state who You always already are--cosmic MTV you know the words and the music, some of you know  what the words point to. So why all the talk of this and that? 
----------------------------------------------------------------[     ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

.....and so we gather.  To look together, to see and to release the false identification that is the source of that contraction and entrapment. The Great Traditions refer to this as a knot -  or by other names depending on how they divide the ocean, and it has a corresponding local reflected down through the etheric into the physical (we are nor referencing kundalini here). 

[sidebar: States of consciousness relate to manifestation. You probably never thought of a dimension or it's corresponding state of consciousness as a form. But from our point of view it is indeed.  Out of manifestation time is not--and freed from objectivity-- states of consciousness are not. Yet there can be consciousness without attention, consciousness therefore without [   ].
Please remember this is just for planting Seeds. During the phone gatherings we will water the Seed-- together coming to elegantly, without struggle, understand--and during the physical gatherings when the time is ripe---perhaps we can touch that, together, and transmission can take place so a living realization Is. The compassion turns you from the false identification(s), allowing the knot to unravel and leaving one available for this realization.  That is where High Alchemy"begins"--senseless words if ever there were [fs]. The place of the physical alchemical formulas (and corresponding exercises) you are taking is to help bring about that which will enable you to "hold" these states and non-states. [end of sidebar ]. excerpts from  letter 15 © 2006)

Becoming an adult in your world is a series of taking responsibility --is it not-- at first for yourself and then for others. You become a "spiritual adult" by...... you already know the answer. With the adult realization of [its] presence, even in reflected form in the various bodies--it rumbles, strains and girates a bit and then---loosens and releases. Your caring, your compassion for your world is what actually causes this, for the contracted false identification is loosened in the compassion. "The light blazes forth...and (en)lightens the streampath that connects that [subtle vehicle] with the physical brain...that  [subtle vehicle] vanishes in a blaze of electrical fire." sounds more dramatic than it Is since the state is one of  stillness---even the silence has been "eaten"---so it's a pretty darn quiet  light show, but note:prior to-----yet You still appear to be there, at least as near as we can tell [fs].
Ultimately nothing to transcend-- the (mature focus) ego is not the problem; diversity-diverse seemingly separate forms is/are  not the problem.The diversity may not be aware of that but the One always arising as diversity can be, You can be. (excerpts from letter 14 © 2005)

Enough of our lame attempts here, you are welcome to connect in the ways you are all making available for each other, the formulas, the phone gatherings, the physical gatherings for those who wish.

Next step?' Ha!  'you must be mad old man' laughed the young aspirant, there are no steps, truth is a pathless land. He smiled and simply offered her his staff.

A place to gather now and then- initiation, individually and working together for our world- High Alchemy™
here in cyber space, over the phone, in the mountains.

Just as the phone gatherings are free the physical gatherings will not be a profit making venture. Just the basics
  to cover our costs and if your willing to be simple we are in the process of building space where you will be able
  to stay and cook, avoiding hotel costs. We love that so many of you are so invloved in your
  world--teachers--healers--waitresses--doctors, etc, etc.and yes, exotic dancers and other more colorful livlihoods
  as well.  If you go deeply into this process there are times when you may want to "get away"--not run away but
  get away.  One of the Hopi sacred sites, so as you can imagine, a deeply healing space.

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Immortality--ashes in the wind.
Through the torus of formless Essence
beyond nowhere where you are held secure in Her Love
it's cold as hell
dimensions destroyed
and all talk of one or two
dies before it is born
as do the Laws of your universe
to seek thus is madness
to invite such unlawful
the truly Great ones of your world
threw rocks to send You back into Her arms
but some of you never  listen
Thank God